Our Big Bad Wolf Books Experience

This mother and daughter tandem is a certified Bibliophile. Oh, how I love the smell of new books! And my daughter can be left in bookstore aisles with no complaints because she loves to keep on browsing and reading books.

Prior to learning about this big, big, big (Yep, it is BIG!) Book SALE event, NBS also held its own Book Binge Bazaar which was kind of a downer to us Southeners because it was held in SM MegaMall (READ: Far: Traffic. I do hope one day they’ll try other venues like SM Southmall.)

And so when I saw the Big Bad Wolf Books advertisements in Facebook, I told myself there is no way we’re going to miss this chance to grab brand new books that are 60% to 80% discounted from their original price. Not only that, they are open for 24 hours for 10 days in World Trade Center. Wow, amazing right?

These are some of our hauls (mostly for our Homeschool and my Home Office Library):

Collage 2018-02-22 22_42_46

Big Bad Wolf Books for the win! Do come back next year, you are such a gem. Hope we’ll have some preview passes on your first day!

Suggestion to the event organizers: It will also be nice if there will be food stalls that are also open 24 hours within the venue. Because since we were there very early like 5:00 am (We really want to avoid the crowd.) and food and drinks are not allowed inside so we did not bring any, at around 9:00 am we got hungry so we just settled with the only coffee shop that was opened inside World Trade Center at that time, which I’d say is overpriced with the so – so quality of their coffee and pastries.

  • Note that this is not a paid post but purely my opinion based on our personal experience on the Big Bad Wolf Books Event.

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