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A Father’s Duty in Walking Dead

Photo Credit: AMC

No, this is neither a recap nor a review of The Walking Dead’s Mid-season Premiere of Season 8. But nevertheless let me insert a SPOILER ALERT warning in case you haven’t seen the latest episode.

I just want to share this touching final conversation between the characters of Rick Grimes and Carl Grimes as the latter succumbs to zombie bite.

Rick: Carl, I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you. A father’s job is to protect his son.
Carl: Love, it’s just to love.

The Walking Dead Season 8, Episode 9, ‘Honor’.

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People are complaining about TWD Season 8 not living up to its promise. I don’t understand why. I still love the show. This episode had me sobbing. If you’re a fan, may feeling ka na parang tayo na nagpalaki kay Carl diba huhu.


True.. I am a big fan of TWD. Ako din sis, still love the show. And yes, parang tayo ang nagpalaki kay Carl. Though in this particular episode, na shock ako na namatay talaga ang character ni Carl.

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