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When La Dolce Vita Turns Sour

La Dolce Vita, the sweet life.

Life will never always be sweet, it is fact. And sometimes even if we know this is true, we still get caught up with our problems and burdens.

When the kids seemed to be not listening and make all this noise, and you just get tired of telling them to quiet down.

When your house help can’t follow simple instructions for the nth time and you get so frustrated you just do the chore yourself.

When you have told your child a million times to not go to your workstation and touch your work things. And you get home after a tiring errand and find your ever reliable (and expensive) headset broken, and you need it for work.

When you had to deal with inefficient service of companies and have to make several calls (and wait in queue for a long time) and follow ups because of their crappy service.

When you have to find a new home for your dog or else you won’t have a home because your perfect neighbors whom you have tolerated their own nuisance and lapses complained to your landlord about your dog. And now you’re dealing with a kid’s broken heart because of losing her pet and you’re also dealing with your own guilt and sadness for the pet that you have to let go.

When you have discovered that you had been sold something that was totally not as agreed upon. And getting back and talking with the seller was just a total waste of time and cause so much stress. That pursuing a formal complaint will be more costly in time and monetary terms.

Yes, all in one week. These among other things.

Yes, this is a rant. Plain candid and raw emotions.

Sometimes even if you don’t want, you absorb all this negativity happening around you.

For sure, we always try to be strong. But then there will be times that we are almost at the end of our rope.

When the mental and physical exhaustion outweighs and clouds our brains that we cannot seem to see the remaining goodness around us.

So what do we do if the sweet life we have turns sour? When life’s demands get the better of you?

I know you have your own struggles and burdens. It might even be a heavier load than mine. May you find comfort in these words as I did:

     From the moment I wake up until my last good nights, there is noise to fill my head and spirit. I hear requests. Demands. Instructions. Pleas. And that is on top of my own thought life. Lord, call me away from all this. My heart desires to be with You. Lead me to Your presence.

… And You offer nourishment and a place to rest my weary soul.

  • HOPE LYDA, One-Minute Prayers for Moms, page 35

2 replies on “When La Dolce Vita Turns Sour”

Yeah. Sometimes life hit you and you just have to stand tall no matter what. Ako most days, I just try not to dwell on it too much. Kasi wala eh. I try to look at the positive side of things. Kahit mahirap.


Kudos to you, sis! Stay strong and positive 🙂

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