Sofie Sunday

Sofie Sunday: Paint-it-yourself ~ Easter Bunny!

Happy Easter! In honor of today, I will be showing you all how to paint this very adorable Easter Bunny! I’m also featuring my little brother, Shawn! Time to paint!


  • Blue paper
  • Oslo/Watercolor paper
  • Stick glue
  • Paint Brush
  • White, Pink, and Black paint (we used poster paint)

Step 1: Glue the Oslo/Watercolor paper to the back of the blue paper. This way the blue paper will not have a hole when you paint.




Step 2: Paint a big white circle in the middle of the paper. Add a neck at the bottom.




Step 3: Every bunny needs ears – paint two white bunny ears on top of the head.




Step 4: Now for the facial features! Paint two black dots for eyes, a pink dot in the center of the circle for a nose, and black whiskers on the sides of the face. Don’t forget to add the mouth!




Step 5: Inside of our bunny’s ears paint the inside pink. Just don’t paint the entire thing.




Step 6:  Ta- Da! It’s done!




Looks good, right? Hope you enjoyed this paint-it-yourself tutorial! See you next Sunday!

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