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Sofie Sunday Original Book Series: The Adventures of Margie Mouse – Part 1

I mentioned before that I wanted to be an author when I grow up. Well, actually, I already am! I like to write books when I have an idea, and write them in little or big notebooks. So here, on Sofie Sunday, I will be writing a book about a little mouse. I hope you will like my stories! Here is my story:

The Adventures of Margie Mouse


June 7, 2018

Hi. My name is Margaret Bella Squeakington. I’m just a regular mouseling living a normal life. This is me:




I was just cleaning out my room when stuff fell on top of me 🙁 !


I was putting the stuff that fell on me when I found a huge book!


It was really huge. And I decided to use it as my diary. And I’m going to call it: The Adventures of Margie Mouse! 🙂

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