Sofie Sunday

Sofie Sunday Original Book Series: The Adventures of Margie Mouse ~ Part 3

Same Day, 11:10 pm

After such a long day, I honestly felt like melting into a big, wet, and slimy puddle!

But I just had the strangest thought. I think my parents are going to get a job! Yup! Well, here’s the story.

About two weeks ago, both of my parents got fired from this fancy and VERY expensive restaurant. Dad was a chef and Mom was a cashier lady. Since Mom had a shifting schedule, she could come back home during 12:00 pm while me and my siblings were leaving school. Dad instead worked until 8:00 pm so he usually came home late. Everything was fine until this very famous millionaire boss found a very good chef. That chef was going to take DAD’S place and cook all those fancy foods. When Dad was fired, Mom was absolutely furious and said that she would stop working for him if Dad was thrown out. And the boss said she could if she wanted to. And guess what? Mom fired herself and cried in the bedroom. Now, sometimes if they heard anything like ‘cooking’ or ‘jobs’, they would sob out.

Poor Mom and Dad! 🙁

Evan says that we probably went to PitPats to spend more time together. So why do I think they might get a job? Wellllllll…..

After a long afternoon, we decided to have our dinner at this diner called Tom’s Cheeseria. Mom and Dad ordered Chicken Cheese, Evan had Tuna and Cheese, and I and my little sister Kirsty had this very yummy Mac and Cheese. It was really delish!

Just as we were digging in, Dad’s cell phone rang. Bading! Bading! Bading! The waiter suddenly gave us a super icy glare.”Excuse me, Sir. But I think you should make your call outside!” He exclaimed. Dad smiled nervously and scampered outside. After what seemed like 15 minutes, Dad came back and whispered something to Mom. Mom gasped and took his phone and went outside too. “What was that Daddy?” Kirsty asked. “A job offer,” He said, taking a big spoonful of rice. “Is it like someone gives you a job?” Dad nodded. “There’s a place in a bakery that needs a baker and saleslady, so we might get that.” Evan grinned. “Dad, that’s perfect for you and mom!” “We’ll see,” Dad replied.

So now I’m staring at the wall, wondering if we’ll finally get a job. Sigh. Well, I better catch some ZZZs! Good night!

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