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In Appreciation Of All Mothers

Our generation have invented words or been creative enough to label the type of mothers we are. I remember growing up there were only two kinds of mothers, the full time mom or housewife (The latter was commonly used. Nowadays, it is often called the SAHM or Stay At Home Mom) and the working mom (mostly referred to those who works outside home).

Now, let me tackle that a bit. It seems in the past, the type of motherhood was only differentiated in terms of whether or not you hold a job while raising kids. As if raising kids alone cannot be considered as a job in itself. I’m sure you have come across some memes in your social media, how much a SAHM should earn because being a SAHM encompasses varying careers and job titles. Perhaps with pun intended, but as they say, jokes are half meant.
I had been a WAHM and SAHM, and currently in between. And personally I can say that I had the most challenging time of my life when I was a SAHM. But this post isn’t about SAHM vs WAHM or SAHM vs Working Moms outside of home. It’s exactly the opposite.

This is about the various labels our generation had come up to describe what kind of mothers we are and highlighting what is most important.

Breastfeeding moms
Homeschooling moms
Single moms
Young moms
Nesting mom
Empty nester moms
Helicopter moms
Tiger moms
Free range moms
Stage moms
Work at home moms
Stay at home moms

(*I know there are more.)

When we scrape off those adjectives, you will get the common noun – which is MOMS.

This is to remind us of our common ground. Strip off all the labels – we are all moms. No matter what direction you choose or parenting style you want to implement, I genuinely believe that all of us just want the best for our children.

And let’s celebrate that. Let’s celebrate the love we have for our children.

Thank you, Moms.
For raising kids to the best of your abilities.
For waking up early and staying up late.
For always giving even if nothing is left for yourself.
For taking care of everyone and everyone’s needs before your own.
For all the sacrifices.
For all the love.

Thank You, MOMS!

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