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Happy 10th Birthday, Sofie Sunday!

To My Dear Sofie Sunday,

Wow, so you’re officially a tweener! My very cute little girl is now a very beautiful 10 year old girl.

Look at Mommy’s birthday message to you on your first birthday.

To my Sofie,

This is mommy’s birthday wish for you, not only today but for the rest of your birthdays… that you will grow up as a good person, strong and independent yet has faith that there is someone out there who is bigger and more powerful.

Mommy will always wish what is best for you and will give anything as long as I can. I will always be your biggest fan, in every milestone, in every achievement. I will always support you in any dreams you have.Mommy will always be here for you, ready to comfort you in times of trials.

Parents will always want what is best for their children.Mommy too, but more than that… . Beyond success in life, I will always wish you  fulfillment and happiness!

I love you , anak!


That message still holds true up to this day, Anak.

I will always be proud of you and all you do, and thankful because I have been blessed with a daughter who is independent, most of the time self learning, very smart and easy to teach child. You have made our homeschooling journey an easy and smooth one because you always love to learn.

Thank you also for always taking good care of your little brother, dinoShawn and for being so patient in teaching him. Thank you, Anak. When I look back at the past five years, you are one of the reasons why we have survived even without a yaya/maid… because you made it so easy for Mommy. Thank you and I am very, very proud of you.

Always remember that if Mommy corrects you or sometimes is strict with you and your brother, it is always because I love you both so much and it will always, always be for your own good especially for your future.

May all your heart’s desires and dreams come true, but like what Mommy always tells you, for your dreams to come true you have to work hard for it. And I know you will.

You never fail to amaze and surprise me with your talents. Stay sweet, loving and thoughtful granddaughter, sister and daughter to us, your family.

Mommy will forever love you, my dearest Sofie. No matter how old you get, you will always be my Lovette – my Little Loved One.

Happiest Birthday to my First Born!

From Your Momsweettezil

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Love you, Anak!

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