Sofie Sunday

Sofie Sunday: Paint – it – yourself ~ Cartoon Girl

Hello, everyone! Today is a new Paint-it-yourself! I will be doing a cartoon girl this time. Enjoy!

Materials needed:

*Light orange paint (just mix some orange with white)

*Oslo/watercolor paper

*Black paint

*Paints of your choice (for dress, hair, and details)

*Red paint

*And last but not least, a paintbrush and some water to clean it



Step 1: Paint a big circle on the paper using light orange paint. Then paint two half circles for ears.



Step 2: Paint two black ovals for eyes.




Step 3: Add eyelashes if wanted.




Step 4: Paint a nose and a smiling mouth. Ta Da!



Step 5: Now for the hair. You can paint any color and in any style. I made a short cut and made the girl’s hair black.



Step 6: Paint a neck and the arms.



Step 7: Now for the dress. You can make dress whatever you want, just like the hair.



Step 8: Paint the legs!



Step 10: Add some shoes to the legs.



Step 11: Afterwards, you can add some things to the girl like jewerly, glasses, socks, etc.



Step 12: Sign it, if you want.




It’s done! Look’s good! I’ll be doing a cartoon boy next time. Bye!

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