Sofie Sunday

Sofie Sunday: Draw – it – yourself ~ Delicious Ice Cream Cone

I scream! You scream! We all scream for ice cream! For today, we will have a Draw-it-yourself ice cream!

The only things you’ll need is a pen, coloring supplies (like highlighters, crayons, markers,etc.), and paper!

Step 1: Draw a triangle that looks like the one in the picture.




Step 2: Draw a curve on top of it. Add a cherry if you want.




Step 3: Draw hashtag-like lines on the triangle. It will look like a waffle cone!



Step 4: Add a shine on the cherry. It just looks like a crescent.




Step 5: Add some yummy sprinkles.



Step 6: Color the ice cream! Color the cone beige or brown, the ice cream can be any color, and color the cherry red. Color the sprinkles in an assortment of colors!




Easy as a pie, right? Or should I say, easy as an ice cream? Anyway, the ice cream is done! I hope you enjoyed my Draw-it-yourself ~ Delicious Ice Cream Cone. Going to get some ice cream now! Bye!

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