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Triple E’s. Enlightened, educated and excited.

I went home with our furbabies today feeling these Triple E’s. These are all I can say about the Healthy Paws pet event in SM Center Las Pinas that we attended today. Aside from free anti-rabies vaccine and deworming, there were pet goodies and game prizes and raffle!


Twig and Fortune getting their shots.

For humans/pet parents, there were games, activities, talk, and question and answer about pets, pet food, and rabies amongst others.


Not a care in the world. Cats will be cats.

But my biggest takeaway from it was it enlightened me in a deeper level of being a responsible pet parent. I was also educated more about rabies and busted some myths that we were accustomed to.

For simplicity, rabies is a virus. You will only get rabies, if you were bitten by an animal that has rabies. How will an animal have rabies? They will have rabies if they were bitten by an animal carrying that virus. So if you were bitten by your indoor pet which has updated anti-rabies shot, you are mostly safe. (Note: I am not a vet, for further questions about rabies I highly recommend you discuss it with a licensed veterinarian.).

During the talk, I was mostly impressed when the Las Pinas City Veterinarian mentioned that they will soon have a program for spaying and neutering. For someone who used to rescue stray cats in the streets, this is good news. Soon, they will also have rules for loitering animals, in aid of propagating a rabies-free city.

I have also raised questions about TNR (Trap – Neuter – Return) program since I still believe in having community cats. The City Vet said that it can be done per subdivision or village but in general as of now, he said that it might have some conflicts with the anti-rabies law.

I also asked about implementation of having microchips for pets as I know in Makati City it has been done. The City Vet said that yes, it is one of the programs he is working on. I’m very excited that somehow the government is now more active and is finding new ways in taking care of our pets and the animals around us.

Too bad, I did not bring my kids with me (I just asked our yaya to come along to help me with our kittens). I’m sure it will be a fun and learning experience for them.

Goodies we got!  On the left, prize I won in one of the games. On the right, freebies from answering a survey.


Disclaimer: This is not a paid post. Information written in this post was based on my experience in the pet event and my understanding during the talk/orientation.

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