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Sofie Sunday Original Book Series: The Adventures of Margie Mouse ~ Part 8

Same Day, 5 pm

Ok, so where was I?

Oh, right. Kirsty was holding a striped sock and was crying. I looked up from my diary. “Kirsty! What’s wrong?!”

“Wahhhh!!! My favorite sock is missing!” Kirsty cried. “Okay, okay, okay. Maybe it’s in the wash. But why don’t you wear something else? And also, why do you need socks?” Then Kirsty told me that Dad was going outside in our mini backyard to pack some things. Kirsty wanted to help him, so she looked for her socks so she could wear boots (it’s been raining for a while) — but she couldn’t find it. She had already checked the laundry too. So Kirsty wanted to check every room for it. “Why don’t you try your room?” I suggested, jumping off my bed. “I’ll try looking here.” “Okayyyyyy…” She mumbled, wiping her eyes. And she left. I looked around for a while, but still couldn’t find her sock. Maybe it’s in her room, I thought, and plopped back onto my bed. Just then the door slammed open. BAM! Kirsty was there! And was crying even more! “Kirsty! Are you alright? Did you find the sock (although I knew she obviously did not)?!”

“No! I asked Evan and Mommy and Daddy…but still no sock!” She cried, and landed on my bed. I sighed. “Well, maybe it’s lost in one of the boxes or just in the junk under your bed!” “I don’t have junk under my bed!” She exclaimed, sticking her tongue at me. “Um, yes, you do!” I said, sticking my tongue at her too. “If I remember clearly, you have lots of papers, broken toys, and socks there. Maybe that sock of yours is there, too! And I’m sure you haven’t cleaned under your bed, right? Look under my bed, I’ve cleaned that spot already!” I pointed under my bed. “Fine! I haven’t cleaned under my bed, but I wanna help Daddy!” Kirsty whined.

So I went to her room to help her find that sock. I kept telling Kirsty that she could just wear something else but she just said that she would only wear her fave socks, not anything else.

Finally, I decided to call Mom for help. “But I’ve just asked her.” Kirsty huffed. “NO. I’m going to ask her for help.” I said, then yelled for Mom. “What is it?” She asked. Then I explained to her what was going on.

“Mom, Kirsty won’t listen to me! She just won’t wear anything else!” I groaned.

“But Mommy!” Kirsty whined.”I just wanna wear my socks, not the others!” Mom eyed both of us. Then she looked at Kirsty’s sock. Then her eyes turned big.

“Oh, I see what you two mean!” Then she rushed down the stairs. Kirsty and I looked at each other. What was she doing?!

“Here it is! It was on the couch.” She exclaimed, holding that little sock in front of us. Kirsty was really happy and went down to help Dad. I stood there for a while. Argh! All of this drama because of a little, fuzzy, and soft sock.

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