Sofie Sunday

Sofie Sunday ~ It’s October!

Okay. Tell me what you see in this picture.


The word ‘October’.


Um, yes, but what else?



A big ghost.

A skeleton grinning.

Wait a second…


That’s right, folks – It’s October tomorrow! So that means it will be Halloween soon! It’s the day that kids dress up and get candy. In SM Center they usually have costume contests, which I have been joining since age 7. People will decorate their houses and shops with spooky decor, and others will make their outfit and practice putting on scary makeup.


So, if you have anything you want to do/make for Halloween, well…


Sofie Sunday will be having Halloween – themed crafts, recipes, and more for this month! I also have face paint crayons, so I will have some lessons on how to do face painting!


Get ready for Hallows’ eve!



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