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Sofie Sunday ~ Face Crayons Tutorials: Sneaky Snake!

It’s time for some Face Crayons Tutorials!

Today, we will be doing a snake that you can draw on your arm with your face crayons! This will come in handy if you want to be Medusa, draw it at parties (Face Painting is a great way to earn money), or just for some plain ol’ fun! Let’s start!

Step 1: Find a spot to draw. Rest your arm on a flat surface. A table is a good spot.


Step 2: Start with a simple circle. On the top of your hand draw a plain circle. That will be your snake’s head. The color I used was green.


Step 3: Make the snake’s body. Using the same color you used for the snake’s head, make the body shape of the snake. Try making it look slim and slinky as possible.


Step 4: Color in! Now use a different color to color the inside of your snake. I used yellow, though you can actually use the same color that you used for the shape of snake’s body. For example, if you used red for the body shape you can use red for coloring in.


Step 5: Draw the patterns! For ideas, search in Google ‘pictures of snakes’ then look at the snakes in the pictures closely to see their patterns. I just made mine up.


Step 6: Draw the snake’s red tongue. Make a two with your index and middle finger then draw the tongue.


Step 7: Draw the eyes and nose. This one is simple. Draw two black ovals for eyes then two black slits for the nose.


Step 8: Done.


And there, my first face crayons tutorial! For removing, rinse with water, scrub some soap on then rinse again. Then dry with some tissues or a towel.

How are you all preparing for Halloween? #DinoShawn and I will be trick or treating at SM Las Pinas. Hope we get lots of candy!

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