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Our Dear Sofie Sunday Levels Up – Guest Blogger in National Book Store Official Website

As of writing, whenever you ask my eldest child (Sofie Sunday) what she wants to be when she grows up, she will consistently answer that she wants to be an author. You know, kids, they often change their minds. And it’s okay since as they grow and expand their awareness, they discover more of their interests and talents. I remember when she was a toddler; she wanted to be a doctor, then a nurse. Eventually, she wanted to be a veterinarian (during the height of our stray kitten rescuing days).

When we became a homeschooling family, she had more exposure and time to enrich herself in books, not just school textbooks but the various genres, the world of literature can offer. I believe this has greatly influenced her desire to be a famous author one day.

So we delve into any activity and opportunity that can enhance her writing skills, hence allowing her to have her own Sofie Sunday segment here in

And she has definitely taken up a notch this time. Yesterday, the official website of National Book Store had published her first ever guest blog post. Sofie is the first kid blogger to be featured in their blog site.

It just makes us feel ‘kilig’ (giddy) to be accepted and have her post be approved.  No monetary compensation, not a paid post but seeing her work and picture in the official website of the legendary bookstore in the Philippines was more than enough for us.

Wow, it was truly an early Christmas gift for her. And talking about Christmas gifts, read on and you might get some ideas on books (Sofie Sunday Approved!) that you can give to your kids or ‘inaanak’.

Sofie Sunday Book Reviews on National Book Store.

Again, thanks to National Book Store for this opportunity. One proud mama here.

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Thank you everyone, for all the likes and views! I am really happy that all of you got to see my post!

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