QT Corner Sofie Sunday

Sofie Sunday ~ Meet The Bunch!

Hello, everyone! If you have read our old posts, you might have heard of our QT Corner! Well actually, there are more cute kitties aside from him! So I’ve decided to do a segment all about them! Time to meet the bunch!


QT Corner


Full Name: Quentin Tabby (Or for short, QT)

Breed: Persian

He’s a fluffy, cute, and snugly tabby that feels like a fluffy pillow! He loves eating, napping, and playing! He’s perfect when you want to read a book, touch something soft, and have a sweet nap!


 Fortune Cat


Full Name: Fortune

Breed: Persian

Fortune is the king of licks – he licks everyone, even humans! He is also a player- when he sees someone playing a piece of ribbon or yarn, he’ll want to get it! He can also get his claws stuck on stuff sometimes, and needs help removing the attached object off!


Okay, now for the ladies……


Sweet Twig


Full Name: Lil’ Twig

Breed: Siamese

Twig is well, sweet! She is always happy to see you and loves belly rubs! She also loves to play, and she’s really fast! But sometimes she can get a little naughty! When you take her out of her cage and let go of her it’ll be a mega game of hide and seek!


Pretty Peps


Full Name: Pepita

Fur Color: Tortoiseshell

We found this little kitty on the road, crying loudly. We felt very bad for it so we took her home with us and named her…Pepita! Here is her backstory, Rescuing Pepita. She is actually really beautiful and sweet! She is also tiny and her fur is soft!


So there you have it, our furry little babies! Hope you liked them. These cats really like likes (Facebook Likes ;))… and cat food!


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