Sofie Sunday

Sofie Sunday ~ Christmas is Near…

This December, something is coming up.


Yep, Christmas is here!

Christmas trees.

Christmas lights.

Christmas dinner.

Christmas gifts.

Christmas decor.

Christmas EVERYTHING!!!

Christmas is my most favorite holiday in the world! Not only you get nice presents and yummy food, but you also get to go around with the family! There are also catchy Christmas songs and lots of decor!

Oh, and you must be wondering why I’m doing a Sunday segment on a Saturday.

Well, last month while I was looking at the calendar, I realized that December (This month) has only FIVE SOFIE SUNDAYS!!! And that was totally not enough Sundays, especially since I was planning to do lots of Christmas segments!

So I talked to #Momsweettezil and she told me I should do not only my Christmas segments (Argh, I keep on saying Christmas!) on Sundays, but also on Saturdays! Since there are five Saturdays this month, that would let me have ten Christmas segments!

So yeah, I’ll be doing some cool Christmas posts for this month, also on Saturdays! My posts will mostly be on making cards, crafts, and more! OMG! I can’t wait!

So don’t forget to check every Saturday and Sunday so you can read, get ideas, and be ready for Christmas! See you next Sunday! (Actually, that’s tomorrow…hehe)

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