Sofie Sunday ~ DIY Christmas Trees Decor


For today’s special Christmas segment, #DinoShawn and I will be doing this really cool, cute, and awesome craft! It is a very simple but special decor you can make to decorate your home. Not only this is easy but also earth-friendly because it uses cardboard. What are we waiting for? Let’s get crafting!

Materials Needed:


Green paint


Crayons, Pens, Colored Pencils


A Black Marker



Step 1: Draw Triangles. On your piece of cardboard draw lots of triangles. They should be slim and straight.


Step 2: Cut them out. Be careful not to ruin the shape!

Step 3: Paint the Trees green. Place the trees on your work place and paint them a nice shade of green. Once you have painted the trees, let them out to dry.


Step 4: Decorate! Once your trees are dry, take out your drawing materials and make baubles, lights, and other decorations your Christmas tree needs.


Step 5: Apply Tape. On the back of trees, stick some tape on. Double-sided tape works better than sticky tape.


Step 6: Now, decorate the halls! Stick the trees on walls, doors, closets and other preferred places.


Looks super cute, right? Hope you liked this Christmas DIY! See you next time!


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