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Sofie Sunday ~ Happy New Year!!!

Wow, 2018 is suddenly about to end!

This is my last post for this year, and I was wondering what I should post today. It should be something special, since this is my last post. So for today, we will look back at our old 2018 posts!

  1. Sofie Sunday becomes a guest author in NBS!!!

This is really exciting, especially as it’s not everyday some kid can guest author in one of the Philippines’ most famous bookstore’s blog! In fact, I am the first kid blogger in National Book Store! I am very happy that I was able to guest author for NBS blog! Check out my guest authored post here.

  1. Normalizing Homeschooling.

My mom did a pretty good job in doing these two posts about Homeschooling. Check both of them here!

Breaking the Silence: Stop the Stigma in Homeschooling

An Encouragement To Fellow Homeschooling Families

  1. Cats, Cats, and more Cats!

In this blog, our cats can be seen in old posts. I did a small story with QT Corner as my furry little actor. In another one, we rescued Pretty Peps. Check out all of our kitty stories here!

Sofie Sunday Stories: Scruffy Oliver and the Ponies

And I named her Pepita.

  1. My Book Reviews.

I love reading books! Check out my book reviews here.

Sofie Sunday ~ Books for Reading

Sofie Sunday ~ Top 5 Books in my Bookshelf

Sofie Sunday: Book Review on Urgency Emergency! Choking Wolf by Dosh Archer

  1. My first post!

The link you’ll go to is my very first segment, introducing me! Check that one out here.

Introducing Sofie Sunday

So yes, those are my posts. But there are more, in fact! I have drawing and painting tutorials, stories (I have a comic I will be continuing next year, it’s called Momo is Bored! Please check the first two in the meantime!), and more! Look at all of them here!

Sofie Sunday Comic Series: Momo is Bored Part 1

Sofie Sunday Comic Series: Momo is Bored Part 2

Thank you, readers, likers, commenters, for reading Momsweettezil! Yes, the year may be over, but this blog, no! The new year is an opportunity for more exciting posts!

Happy New Year, Everybody!!!!!!!

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