Sofie Sunday

Sofie Sunday: Classic Valentine’s Day Cards!

Valentine’s Day is coming!!!

Now that Valentine’s Day is near, #DinoShawn and I will make cards for our family and will make decorations. Since this is #Momsweettezil’s first Valentine’s Day, both of us will share some of our crafts with our viewers!

Today, #Dinoshawn and I will make some Classic Valentines. These Valentines are paper hearts that can be given as a card or used as decorations. They are very easy to make. Let’s get crafting!

What you’ll need:

Red or Pink art paper (you’ll need a lot of these, depending on how many cards you will make)

A Ball pen or A Marker


Coloring Materials

Gemstones, Stickers, etc.


Step 1: Fold your paper in half as shown.


Step 2: Draw half of a heart as shown.


Step 3: Cut your half-heart out, open it, and ta da! A perfect heart.


Step 4: Write your message on the heart. Don’t forget to write your name (unless you want to have your identity a secret).


Step 5: Decorate! Decorate the back of the heart with your gems, stickers, coloring materials, etc.


Step 6: Done!


So there you have it! Check out next Sunday for another card craft. Bye!

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