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Sofie Sunday ~ Adarna House Book Haul!

Hi, everyone! Today is another Sofie Sunday post. This time, it is about our new books freshly bought from Adarna House. Get ready to read!

We got them at World Trade Center, same time when we bought our new Big Bad Wolf books (if you haven’t read our amazing and wonderful experience at BBW, you may read it here!). Our new fresh-smelling Filipino books are nice! Homeschoolers studying Filipino language will want them. There are many vivid and colorful pictures with words of moral lessons. We got storybooks of Filipino legends and modern tales. Others are about History (about Jose Rizal and Andres Bonifacio, plus one about Jesus Christ). See for yourself:

Many wonderful books. Keep on reading!

The tales in each and every Adarna book always have something to tell. The pictures are detailed and beautiful, and each paragraph are overflowing with information and story. These books are great addition to our Homeschool library.

So there you have it! The Adarna book haul and my thoughts. Thanks for reading! Have a happy Sunday!

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