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Sofie Sunday ~ Harry Potter Magical Films Projector Book Review!

Happy Sunday, everyone! This time on this blog I will be reviewing these very magical, mystical, and wonderful books! These two books are Harry Potter Quidditch Magical Film Projections and Harry Potter Patronus Charm Magical Film Projections!

Another set of lovely and magical books made by J.K Rowling, these projectors are what HP fans will want! The two books are basically projectors that you can use to review the scenes of the Harry Potter Movie! Each book has a couple of pages with dark, shiny scenes from the Harry Potter Movies. One of them is the Patronus Charm projector, which shows outstanding life-like patronuses from the movies. The other is the Quidditch projector, which shows the lively scenes of the famous wizarding sport. Each page has a script of the scene, which you can read while looking at the shiny projection! You could even try to reenact the movie while reading the script.

How to use it:

You will need a dark room and a flashlight (can be your phone’s flashlight or a regular flashlight), and a blank wall. Facing directly at the wall, put the torch behind your desired scene and adjust it a bit so you can see the picture clearly.

Ta Da!


What do I like about this book?

Both of their covers are really beautiful and detailed, and I like the font of the titles! The way of using the projector is really clever and simple. The setup of the book is like a notebook. And flipping the pages is real easy, too!

J.K Rowling’s Wizarding World is amazing, from the characters to Hogwarts, to Diagon Alley and creatures, and more! J.K, keep making more wonderful stories!

Thank you for reading! Don’t forget to share and keep reading our blog. Have a happy Sunday, everyone!

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