New Year, New ME, New YOU

As I randomly clicked a New Year playlist in Spotify, it played the song of Jess Glynne, ‘Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself’. It instantly caught my attention, and after listening intently to its lyrics, it almost made me cry.

Ironic, huh, how such an upbeat song can tug one’s heart. It just hit me, hard.. that is.. deep into my soul. No, this post isn’t meant to make you sad.  In fact, I want to cheer you up.. do Smile!
Even if you feel you are alone, I am with you..

So as we close this year, my fellow moms, whatever 2016 has brought you..  it could be success and happiness..

Or it could be quite the opposite..

Perhaps you have made mistakes, made wrong decisions..

Let me tell you, it is okay —

You can stand up again.

You are Strong and You Can Do It!

Forgive yourself and start loving yourself..


**Note: Roosevelt is the correct spelling!

And then you are ready for the New Year, for the New YOU!