Sofie Sunday

Sofie Sunday: Draw-it-yourself ~ Cute Cupcake!

Hey everyone! Did you have a good week? Today, we are going to draw: Cute Cupcake! This is a really cool sweets to draw, plus you could draw it on birthday cards! It’s simple! All you need is paper, pencil/pen, and coloring materials. Let’s start!


Step 1: Draw this blob shape but leave a cut – this is for the cherry that we will put.

Step 2: Draw a cherry. It is just a circle. Or you can draw a candle instead. The choice is yours!
Step 3: Now the wrapper! Draw the shape below. The cupcake is starting to form!
Step 4: Add lines to the cupcake wrapper.


Step 5: Now this is where the fun begins: Coloring! Color the cupcake with preferred colors. Add sprinkles!
I hope you like this draw-it-yourself! I will have more coming up soon. Toodles!