Sofie Sunday

Sofie Sunday: App Review ~ Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen

Hi, everyone! For today’s segment, I will be doing an app review. My brother, Shawn (#dinoShawn) got this app a few weeks ago. The app I’ll be reviewing today is called Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen! In this app, you get to bake cookies with Elmo and Cookie Monster. Now let see what this app is all about! Note that this is the Lite version.



Ok, the first thing to do is press the green cookie on the screen. Then, you will be asked whom you want to make cookies with. Here is what will happen between Cookie Monster and Elmo.



If you choose Cookie Monster…

With Cookie Monster, you will make the cookies into words. Choose a letter and drag/tap it. The letter will be in the middle of a three-lettered word. There’s also a rolling pin to erase that word if you want a different one.



So when you put the letter there, it will now ask you to mix the cookies in a bowl to give it some colors. Four colors will be given to you. When you are done, Ta Da! You have made the word cookie of the word you’ve made. You will continue making three more.


If you choose Elmo…

With Elmo, instead of words you get to make letter cookies! Choose some letters and decorate them with an assortment of toppings and icings! When you are done, press the bell and have fun feeding them to Cookie, Elmo, and yourself!


I recommend that this app can be for 3-7 years old. But anyone can play it because it’s so fun (I’m nine and a half and I still play it)! I hope you enjoyed my review on this app. Bon Appétit!