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Sofie Sunday ~ A Bundle of Halloween Events

For the past few days we’ve been busy, going to the activities at SM Center Las Pinas.

We went to a haunted house, a Halloween party, went trick or treating, and entered a Halloween Fashion Show! Here are our events!

  1. Yokai Haunted Room

This one was only for just a few minutes, but it was still quite creepy. It was a small room where you can look and watch the haunted stuff there. There were lots of TVs (Mom said they were projectors), I think they were trying to make them look like picture frames. The TVs had Zombies, a ghost, a poor girl who was trying to hide from a scary killer, and also one that really was meant to be a picture frame. It was a pretty girl, and time to time it changes into a creepy ghost! There were also candles, dolls, and cobwebs as decors in the room too!


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  1. Halloween Party

This one is my favorite! Shawn and I went to a party at the event center, and they had lots of fun things! First, we sat down on fake grass with other kids.  We then watched two funny mimes do a comedy act and then we played games. We did a game where you have a straw in a rubber band hanging on the tip of it, passed Easter eggs with spoons in our mouths, and a newspaper dance. After sitting down, we had a magic show! This guy (the magician) with red clothes and a red top hat did lots of tricks, like making things appear and disappear, making things levitate, and changing the colors of things. We also got tattoos! Two guys did face painting on one corner of the event, and many painted their faces. Shawn got Spiderman and I got a cute little pumpkin! At the end of the event we were called up on the stage and took pictures, then also got loot bags and cupcakes!




  1. Trick or Treat 

This time, Shawn and I went with other kids and went trick or treating for an hour! First, we needed wristbands, and we got pink paper ones. That was so you could go with a group and get candy at the shops. Shawn was a Little Devil and I was a movie star named, Audrey Hepburn. We had a lot of fun getting candy!

#dinoShawn as Little Devil and #SofieSunday as Audrey Hepburn



Audrey Hepburn’s Iconic Poses


  1. HAHA Halloween Monster Ball

This one is the Fashion Show Contest, where you dress up in your best costume and walk on the big stage. The judges will see who is the best and give prizes to the winners. I think the prizes were gift checks and loot bags. I dressed differently this time, as Black Swan and Shawn the same as last time, only this time with a hood. Then after the contest and while the judges were deciding, we had a parade and went upstairs and downstairs. We also had ‘Bring Me’ and the host asked things to bring like wigs and masks. Then they said who were the winners and they got boxes and threw candies at us on the stage. But Shawn and I did not get any, we were trying to climb the stage and say ‘Excuse Me’ to the people taking pics and standing up. I think they should have given loot bags instead, though they just have to make a lot. And if not enough, they should gather up all the kids who did not get the bags and do that box candies thing to be fair. Or they should make sure that everyone is on the stage by asking and looking — this, they did not do.

#dinoShawn on Stage


#SofieSunday as the Beautiful Black Swan



Mom said we will always and forever be winners in her heart!


So there, these are our SM Events! Next year, they should do the loot bags and make sure they let everyone have them.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a paid post and simply an honest retelling of events and opinion of a 10 year old blogger.


Momsweettezil’s Postscript:

Since 2015, we have been joining the Halloween Events in SM Center Las Pinas due to location and convenience. Prior to that when Sofie was our only child, we had been very loyal to Alabang Town Center. And I can say during those years, I was very impressed on how organized they were with the flow of activities, and strict with policies and time (No Filipino Time).

And the goodies they distributed always came with Halloween bag – it’s always a ‘Wow’!

As for SM Center Las Pinas, and this is a sincere and constructive feedback as a parent and long time customer, I saw how they have improved and continuously try to improve. Like for this year, they separated the Trick or Treat activity from the Halloween Costume Contest (This year it was free to join). And this is a great move and improvement because in the past, both activities were scheduled for one day. And most of the time, the kids who joined the contest (which was not for free, you had to purchase a certain amount to be eligible to join) had no more candies to get from the shops since they had spent their time in the contest.

This year, the participants of Trick or Treat (each kid should have a corresponding receipt of P1k to be eligible to join) could choose their 1 hour time slot to roam around the mall and get candies/goodies from participating establishments. We chose the 2 – 3pm time slot (Pink Wristband) and I was really hoping to see and talk to any organizer. I was only able to talk to security guards and maintenance staff, who seemed to be the one in charge that time. I asked them how come I could still see some kids with a different color of wristbands, which I thought it should only be ‘Pink’ for that time slot. There were even some kids (non-participants) who made ‘singit’ in the queue.

I know these are just candies (Heck, I can always buy my kids candies and save myself from achy feet!) and activities like these are meant for fun, and for kids to enjoy. But at least just to be fair for those who made efforts in registering, I think the management should implement stricter rules and have proper communication among their staffs, the handlers and establishments. Priority should be given to those who have wristbands, after all this activity was not entirely free.

My Kids’ Past Halloween Events Throughout the Years

Sofie Sunday

Sofie Sunday ~ Face Crayons Tutorials: Sneaky Snake!

It’s time for some Face Crayons Tutorials!

Today, we will be doing a snake that you can draw on your arm with your face crayons! This will come in handy if you want to be Medusa, draw it at parties (Face Painting is a great way to earn money), or just for some plain ol’ fun! Let’s start!

Step 1: Find a spot to draw. Rest your arm on a flat surface. A table is a good spot.


Step 2: Start with a simple circle. On the top of your hand draw a plain circle. That will be your snake’s head. The color I used was green.


Step 3: Make the snake’s body. Using the same color you used for the snake’s head, make the body shape of the snake. Try making it look slim and slinky as possible.


Step 4: Color in! Now use a different color to color the inside of your snake. I used yellow, though you can actually use the same color that you used for the shape of snake’s body. For example, if you used red for the body shape you can use red for coloring in.


Step 5: Draw the patterns! For ideas, search in Google ‘pictures of snakes’ then look at the snakes in the pictures closely to see their patterns. I just made mine up.


Step 6: Draw the snake’s red tongue. Make a two with your index and middle finger then draw the tongue.


Step 7: Draw the eyes and nose. This one is simple. Draw two black ovals for eyes then two black slits for the nose.


Step 8: Done.


And there, my first face crayons tutorial! For removing, rinse with water, scrub some soap on then rinse again. Then dry with some tissues or a towel.

How are you all preparing for Halloween? #DinoShawn and I will be trick or treating at SM Las Pinas. Hope we get lots of candy!

Sofie Sunday

Sofie Sunday ~ Creepy Happy Halloween Board

Today, we will do a Halloween Craft!

You can put this as a decor for your home. You can hang it on the wall, place it by the door, on your desk, anywhere is fine. This project is very easy but a bit messy because of the paints and glue needed. But it’s still a nice DIY to do! So get your crafting things and start crafting!

What you’ll need:

  • Paints
  • A big square piece of card board
  • Glue
  • Paintbrushes
  • A thick black marker
  • Yarn
  • Tape

Step 1: Paint. Firstly, paint the details on the cardboard. Here are some tutorials on how to paint them:

Cracks: Using a thin paintbrush paint little and big cracks on the sides of the board. You can use gray or black.

Eyeball: Paint a white circle then add a black pupil inside. Easy!

Blood: Paint and drip some red paint all over the board.

Bloody Hand prints: Paint your hands red and then place them on the board. The print of your hands will show.

Let dry, then proceed to step 2.


Step 2:  Glue worms. Cut some yarn, and glue them on the board to make it look like worms crawling!


Step 3: Write.  Using the marker, write ‘Happy Halloween’.


To make the hang thingy, follow these steps:

1: Cut a string of yarn.

2: Tape both ends of the yarn onto the board.

3: Now, hang the board on a wall!



Ta-da! A perfect decoration for Halloween, done! I hope you enjoyed my post! More Halloween posts coming up next Sunday! Bye!


Sofie Sunday

Sofie Sunday ~ It’s October!

Okay. Tell me what you see in this picture.


The word ‘October’.


Um, yes, but what else?



A big ghost.

A skeleton grinning.

Wait a second…


That’s right, folks – It’s October tomorrow! So that means it will be Halloween soon! It’s the day that kids dress up and get candy. In SM Center they usually have costume contests, which I have been joining since age 7. People will decorate their houses and shops with spooky decor, and others will make their outfit and practice putting on scary makeup.


So, if you have anything you want to do/make for Halloween, well…


Sofie Sunday will be having Halloween – themed crafts, recipes, and more for this month! I also have face paint crayons, so I will have some lessons on how to do face painting!


Get ready for Hallows’ eve!