Sofie Sunday

Sofie Sunday ~ KidZania Manila – Where Kids Rule!

Summer is here! Now, since there are lots of free time and sun- swimming, vacation, and more fun activities can all be done! For one activity to enjoy with your family, I recommend you go to KidZania! Just recently, my family and I went to KidZania Manila. Ever since I was young, I’ve always wanted to go to this awesome place. And now, I finally did!

What is KidZania? KidZania is a place where kids, who are 4-17 years old, can do role-playing jobs like adults in this indoor playground. They enter the mini version of the establishments/companies on their own (parents can watch their children through the windows). Taking pictures at KidZania is allowed! Take lots of them as your child works so you can remember this fun experience and learn many things about the jobs they choose. They also get a view of the adult world and learn how to be independent and wiser on the jobs they choose. Children can also earn money, called Kidzos (Kidzos are pretty much some bills; there are no coins) to buy toys, clothes, and badges at the KidZania department store.


Kidzos can also be used as payment to enter some establishments (where kids will be trained) like the recording studio, the cooking school, and more. Every time a child finishes working at an establishment, a professional photographer will take a picture of him/her. You can get a photo or two at the PiKidZania Station, just near the Marine Conservationists establishment. Note that you will have to pay in Philippine money, not Kidzos.


KidZania opens at 9 am and closes at 4 pm. I recommend that you should go early because of rush hour. If you are going to KidZania, you should wear comfortable clothes and footwear. There are not a lot of chairs at KidZania (only at the food court, I think) and there will be lots of standing and walking. Did you know, you can get ‘Pazzports’ at KidZania? If a child gets a Pazzport (price is P250) then he/she becomes a CitiZen of KidZania. They can be paid more and parents can get a free coffee. Cool, right?

The entrance of KidZania is very cool – the inside looks just like the inside of an airport! Once you get in, you will need to fall in line to get a special KidZania bracelet, both children and adults. Be careful with your KidZania bracelets, everyone. If you break them, you will have to pay for a replacement fee. Yikes! Also, do not remove your KidZania bracelet, only the staff will remove them when you leave.

As soon as you get the bracelets and boarding pass, you will be allowed to enter the exciting world of KidZania. Kids can enter the bank to get their special ATM card, which can be used to place earned money inside. The parents can watch their children outside while kids go in line to make their ATM. As soon as you get the card, you can now start doing the jobs you want! Before working at KidZania, you should get a map of the city so you won’t get lost. You can find maps in front of the bank and the Aviation Academy.


dinoShawn and I first worked as Marine Conservationists. There, dinoShawn and I learnt about water pollution and even touched some sea creatures. We touched the Choco Chip sea star and the Serpent sea star! After learning a lot about sea life, we were given 12 Kidzos each. Hooray!


After the Marine Conservationists job, we went to more establishments! We danced in front of an audience, became surgeons, learnt how to care for babies, became firefighters, and so much more! It was so much learning and playing at KidZania. It was a lot of fun learning about our desired jobs.

Sofie Sunday and Yaya dancing 

Want to watch video of our dancing? Click! Click!


Firefighter – one of the famous jobs in Kidzania


Pets are close to our hearts. Sofie and Shawn as Veterinarians.


House painters




Recording Artists


Hospital jobs


Around 11 am, we started to get hungry. So we went to the Food Court to buy some food. While waiting for Momsweettezil to get our food, dinoShawn and I looked at the map of KidZania (they also provide the map of the entire city of KidZania) and discovered that there was another floor upstairs, called the mezzanine level. Once we discovered that level, we decided to try going upstairs as soon as we finished trying out the jobs downstairs. We had McDonalds meals for lunch, very yummy. dinoShawn got a Happy Meal, it had a little and adorable robot that talks back when it hears the sound of your voice! Cool!

Kids should be the one to fall in line, not their parents or guardians.


Having some fun!







The mezzanine level is just the same as the ground level, with more cooking jobs, the parent’s lounge (parents can rest here, charge their gadgets, and have coffee), and a part where toddlers can play. The breastfeeding area is also there. This part was also the last place we went to because KidZania was going to close shortly (they close at 4 pm). We made some egg sandwiches in the cooking school. We cracked open two hard boiled eggs, mashed them, mixed in some condensed milk and mayo, and spread them on sandwiches. When we got home, we ate them. They tasted pretty good! Now dinoShawn and I know a delicious recipe. Woo hoo!


Some more pics!!!


Next time, maybe on my birthday, we will go back to KidZania to earn more Kidzos and do the jobs we have not done. Going to KidZania will be a fun learning experience for everyone. A great summer activity, kids will love it here!

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