Sofie Sunday

Sofie Sunday ~ Vision Boards: A Special Board for your Visions!

Now that it is 2019, people have accomplished their 2018 goals, and should make new ones (if they haven’t)!

I got a planner and some cute ball pens last Christmas. I am using them for my to-dos, reminders, chores, and some doodles too! I mean, why not?

Then my mom (#Momsweettezil) said that we will be looking at her old magazines and sort it out. She told me I can get the ones she doesn’t want and use them for crafts! I thought of mosaics (since Valentine’s Day is coming soon I should use this idea for mosaic hearts or something), garlands, and cutting out words and pictures, for my scrapbooks and notebooks!

My mom said I should try making vision boards. They are boards that have pictures of your visions (what you want, where you want to be, who you want to be, etc.) and  cut outs from magazines will be good to use. As soon as I get my hands on those magazines, I am going to make a board!

Here are my goals:

To become a writer.

To become more skilled in drawing.

To swim better.

To help animals.

To have my own room. (Now I can decorate as much as I like. MWA HA HA)

To have a mini library.

Well, I hope I can find some pictures for these visions!

What about YOU? What are your visions? Feel free to write them in the comments and make them!

So, good luck on your vision boards!


Momsweettezil’s Postscript:

TRIVIA– Today, January 13 is Make Your Dream Come True Day.

Perfect timing to start your Vision Boards! Let’s visualize and realize  are goals and dreams!