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Introducing Sofie Sunday

If there’s someone I know who reads this blog, for sure that is my daughter. When she learned that I will be reviving my blog, she asked me, “Can I also write my own blog, mom?”

My first answer was ‘No’. The protective mom in me quickly thought of the potential dangers of the Internet for kids like her. And then my ‘No’ was fine with her, and she enthusiastically suggested things that I can post. She even said how about having ‘Mommy Monday’. I said that was really a clever idea but I was thinking if I can really commit to that. You know, MONDAYS. Maybe Manic Mondays, hahaha but we’ll hold that thought.

Then I told her how about doing a ‘Sofie Sunday’ segment instead and she’ll be my guest author every Sunday! She loves it and got excited! At least in this way, I can still monitor everything that she publishes and she will have a taste of this blogosphere world.

So here below is a picture of her rough draft (proof that she is really the one writing).

Introduction Sofie Sunday
And this is her very first blog post:

Hi! My name is Sofie! And if you are reading this, well, you’re reading the first Sofie Sunday! I’m a nine and a half tween who dreams to be an author and maybe a nurse, and loves animals and books. Every Sunday, I’ll post articles on inspiration, arts and crafts, how to paint, and so much more! Oh, and moms, if you want, you can have your child read my Sofie Sunday articles which are absolutely kid friendly! Or you can read mine and do some crafts with your kids and maybe have some extra tips and inspiration! I also sometimes write books and songs and may put here. See you next Sunday!

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