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Sofie Sunday: Book Review on Urgency Emergency! Choking Wolf by Dosh Archer

Hello, everyone! Today, I’m going to do this review about a book that I and my little brother love. I found it at the Big Bad Wolf sale while I was hunting for books. I suddenly saw it and took a peek inside it and I decided to bring it in my cart for deciding which books I would get. It was such a good thing to get, because my brother likes it a lot and wants me to read all over and over again. Here’s a picture of the book with the title:

Urgency Emergency! Choking Wolf

The story is about a wolf, who is choking because he swallowed someone. The doctor, Glenda, who is a dog, and the nurse, Percy, which is a chicken, must help the wolf remove the thing in there. The story ends happily, and it is funny too. If I could give it a rating, I would say five stars. I think it is a good and colorful book. I recommend it for 3 – 7+. Well, that’s the end of the review! I hope you enjoyed it! Bye!

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