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Crochet Therapy: Stitch Away Your Stress

Crochet therapy. I’ve discovered that I find peace, calmness and happiness in crocheting. It feels like every stitch takes away my stress.

There are many ways to de-stress. You just try and find what suits you best (and your budget too).

Adult coloring is one and I tried that, but I can’t do it for a long time because it hurts my hand and wrist. I have been diagnosed before with De Quervain syndrome  and from time to time I still feel pain when I strain my wrist too much.

My best friend in high school is now a hibiscus enthusiast. My good online friend is into succulents. While other people’s stress reliever are cooking and baking.

Today, I tried doing a headband turban for my daughter.

And here is my masterpiece!

My daughter (Sofie Sunday) trying it on.

Now don’t judge, LOL! I’m no expert on this and still learning the ropes (or should I say yarns? Hahaha!) I’m a newbie crocheter and the last time I crocheted was way back in grade school.

Crocheting is my happy pill. What’s yours?

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