Sofie Sunday

Sofie Sunday: Jellyfish Craft

It is summer now, and everyone will have a vacation, swim, and spend time with family! For a great summer activity, here are some jellyfish that you can make! Today, you will see me and my brother make these nice and wriggly jellyfish! Take a look!


*Paper plate (If you don’t/can’t have one, then use watercolor/oslo paper)



*Googly eyes

*Glue (Use glue gun or liquid glue)

*Oslo paper or watercolor paper (You can also use magazine paper.)

*Things to decorate your jellyfish (gems, stickers, glitter, etc.)

*Black Marker

Step 1: Get the paper plate and cut into half.

In case you don’t have paper plates, grab some oslo/watercolor paper and draw a big circle in the center. Then cut the circle out and cut into half.

Step 2: Now paint the jellyfish’s body! Be creative!

Step 3: Now get the oslo/watercolor paper and cut lines out for tentacles. You can also make curvy lines! You can also use magazine paper.

Step 4: Paint the tentacles (optional with magazine paper).

Step 5: When all of the things are dry, glue the tentacles as shown.

Step 6: Now glue the googly eyes on! Draw a smile with the black marker. Then decorate however you like!

Ta Da! I hope you like this fun craft. See you next Sunday!

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