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Puuurrr.. Hey, hoomans! Miss me? I know it’s been a while since you last saw me here. I actually thought my Meowmy has totally forgotten about me!!! She had been busy decluttering and fixing stuff (which seems never ending, btw). But I’m always happy every time she’ll find something from her old things and give it to me to play with (Well, actually destroy… you know, what’s the use of my claws and teeth??) and then she’ll throw it away when it’s beyond recognition. Hahaha!

And then finally, one day I heard her asking Yaya if I’d had a bath already and if I had been scrubbed well. Hmmm, interesting!! Maybe we’ll go somewhere!!!

But wait no, I don’t see my carrier packed. But I saw her coming to me with a white fabric. Ooooh, it’s a top… for me! Cool, eh!

Then there she goes with her camera again, taking pictures of me. And she keeps on calling my name, “QT, QT, look here…. here, here… here.”

She keeps on saying, “No, don’t move, stay still.”

But I can’t, I’m too excited because aside from the white top she also gave me a wand toy, with a toy mouse dangling from it.

So there, she said the Photoshoot was a FAIL.. Hahahaha! Coz she can’t get a clear shot of my new clothing with my cute face looking at the camera.

I also wanted to tell her, that I needed a bigger size! Look, it keeps on going up my chest.

Anyway here are the rest of my shots, still handsome right?

Meowmy said she is promoting me to a Cat Meowdel!! Gotta earn my keep, right?  ^._.^

So if you like what I’m wearing, please check out our online store:

Good Stuff

Don’t get lost there, huh. You have to go to Albums/Photos and find the PET CLOTHES AND ACCESORIES album.

So pretty pretty please, with a cherry on top, please.. Go have a look, I’m sure you’ll find something for your furbaby like me. ^._.^

Cat Hugs and Kisses!

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