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Sofie Sunday ~ Top 5 Books in my Bookshelf

Hello, everyone! Today, I will be showing my Top 5 Books on my bookshelf (though all of my books are my fave)! I will also tell about them too. Here we go!

Science Stunts Fun Feats of Physics by Jordan D. Brown

This is a fun book with lots of experiments to do. Some require an adult and others don’t. But all of them are fun and educational, of course. This book is authored by Jordan D. Brown and illustrated by Anthony Owsley.


Charlotte’s Web By E.B White

It’s a book on friendship, farm life, and well, life. When a pig named Wilbur learns that he will be eaten on Christmas, his friend Charlotte (she’s the spider, by the way– not the girl on the book whose name is Fern. I’ve actually thought Charlotte was Fern before I read the book, honestly) weaves words on her web for Wilbur to show just how special he is. This book is authored by E.B. White and pictures by Garth Williams.


The Land of Stories The Wishing Spell by Chris Colfer

An enchanted book about a pair of twins accidentally going into a story book their grandmother gave them. They meet famous fairy tale charcters there like Cinderella, Goldilocks, Jack, while they try collecting ingredients for a spell so they can return home. This book is authored by Chris Colfer.


The Secret Story of Shy Shelly by Justine Hail

A very shy girl named Shelly wishes one night on a paper star that she could have a real friend, aside from her pet turtle Huey Louie. Then it comes true on the next day! But when she makes friends with two chatty girls and one quiet outcast, can she handle it all? This book is authored by Justine Hail and illustrations by Elbert Or.


Shy Shelly and the Bully by Justine Hail

The new sequel to the Shy Shelly series! This time, Shelly’s friends want to have some revenge on a bully named Jake. But when Shelly realizes this bully is being bullied by his older brother, Tom, Shelly wants to help him. But with her friends plotting with icky treats, can Shelly try to do so? This book is authored by Justine Hail and illustrations by Elbert Or.


And that’s it! I might do a Part 2 of this next time. And I also will try to get the next book of the Shy Shelly series, Shy Shelly and a Missing Book. Until next time! Bye!

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