An Encouragement To Fellow Homeschooling Families

A recent conversation with my eldest child prompted me to have another post about Homeschooling. As I have said in my very first post about Homeschool awareness, Homeschooling is never for the faint-hearted people. One must be very strong to stand up for what they believe. One must learn to face critics and if needed, learn the art of ‘Deadma’ to Naysayers.


We need to be the bigger person.

We understand more than they do.

Empathize with them. Know and try to understand where they are coming from.


Like what I have said to my daughter, since I have noticed those who contradict us mostly come from the older generation, I explained to her that we just need to understand that their beliefs are mostly based from the norm or what they are used to. They seem to have this idealistic path one must go through.


Be born.

Graduate school.

Have a stable job.

Have a family.


You try to deviate from this path and you will be judged.


For most people, they believe that one’s success in life depend greatly in attending and graduating from school.  And while I’m not disagreeing with that, there are many factors and variables that contribute to one’s success.

(As I am writing this, I’m even telling myself why the heck am I defending this?  I’m not even arguing nor questioning the correlation of schooling and success in life).

In fact, that’s what the majority of homeschooling parents have realized. That there is more to learn beyond the brick and mortar schools have to offer.

Anyway, this post is meant for my fellow homeschoolers, and most especially to my daughter.


We will stay strong amidst people who continuously questions, discourages and criticizes our homeschooling decision.

We will keep the faith and we will not lose track of our homeschooling goals.

We know our ‘whys’ and we know deeply our own reasons and answers why we have decided to homeschool. Some may not understand and they don’t need to. We don’t have to keep on explaining to everyone.

Our decision to homeschool is a radical and bold one. We’re not afraid to get out of our comfort zone. We are not afraid to deviate from the traditional route the old generation and the society in general got used to. We’re not afraid to be different. 

We are strong. You are strong my fellow homeschooling parents!

Let’s always go back to our own reasons and let us be reminded of our ‘whys’ and continue dauntlessly, with pride and confidence our great homeschooling journey.

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