Sofie Sunday

Sofie Sunday ~ Creepy Happy Halloween Board

Today, we will do a Halloween Craft!

You can put this as a decor for your home. You can hang it on the wall, place it by the door, on your desk, anywhere is fine. This project is very easy but a bit messy because of the paints and glue needed. But it’s still a nice DIY to do! So get your crafting things and start crafting!

What you’ll need:

  • Paints
  • A big square piece of card board
  • Glue
  • Paintbrushes
  • A thick black marker
  • Yarn
  • Tape

Step 1: Paint. Firstly, paint the details on the cardboard. Here are some tutorials on how to paint them:

Cracks: Using a thin paintbrush paint little and big cracks on the sides of the board. You can use gray or black.

Eyeball: Paint a white circle then add a black pupil inside. Easy!

Blood: Paint and drip some red paint all over the board.

Bloody Hand prints: Paint your hands red and then place them on the board. The print of your hands will show.

Let dry, then proceed to step 2.


Step 2:  Glue worms. Cut some yarn, and glue them on the board to make it look like worms crawling!


Step 3: Write.  Using the marker, write ‘Happy Halloween’.


To make the hang thingy, follow these steps:

1: Cut a string of yarn.

2: Tape both ends of the yarn onto the board.

3: Now, hang the board on a wall!



Ta-da! A perfect decoration for Halloween, done! I hope you enjoyed my post! More Halloween posts coming up next Sunday! Bye!


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