Sofie Sunday

Sofie Sunday ~ Washi Tape Art Christmas Cards

Oh, let’s see what today’s Christmas segment will be!

Annnnnnnnnnnddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!! Another card tutorial!

This card tutorial is not very hard, and this will let you finish all of your cards to make (Or at least half!)! This also uses washi tape, so make sure you have lots of them! Let’s get started!


What you’ll need:

Washi Tape

Colored paper for the body of your card

Green, yellow, red, and blue paint

Different types of paintbrushes (If you only have one or two brushes, that’s okay)



Marker, Coloring Materials

Oslo paper


Step 1: Fold, and write. Take the colored piece of paper and fold it in half. Then write your message (Merry Xmas, Ho Ho Ho, etc.) with the markers and coloring materials.


Step 2: On the oslo paper, stick lots of washi tape on it. Place the oslo paper in front of you and place washi tape all over it, just like the picture above.


Step 3: Paint and Peel! On the washi tape covered paper, paint on top of it. Don’t worry if the washi tape gets covered with paint, that is totally fine. Once you are done painting, let the paper dry. Then carefully peel off the washi tape. When you’re done peeling, you’ll notice how good the design is!


Step 4: Draw and Cut! Flip your painted paper and use your marker to make shapes. They have to be Christmas themed, or whatever you want. Here are some ideas to help you think:

A Star

A Snowflake – This one is kind of advanced, so god luck if you happen to do it!

A Snowman – Draw an easy little snowman shape.

A Snowman’s Head – Draw a circle, them a hat shape on top of it.

A Present – Draw a box, the details will be drawn later.

A Tree – Draw a triangle, the details will be drawn later.

Santa’s Hat – Draw a triangle, the details will be drawn later.

When you have chosen your desired design and satisfied with it, then cut it out carefully.


Step 5: Glue your Craft. Get your little cut out and glue to the front of your card. If needed, draw your details. If you drew a hat, draw those little fluff thingies! If you drew a tree, don’t forget -the star!

***Credits to my brother, #dinoShawn for helping me in drawing the details.

And that’s the end of our card tutorial! Hope you enjoyed! See you next week!

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