Sofie Sunday

Sofie Sunday ~ Pretty Li’l Desk Lamps!

Hello, readers of Momsweettezil! Today’s post will be all about these really cool lamps that we got for free  from the Watsons store!

These lamps are really cute and great. The lamps had three different styles: a dark green cactus, a hot pink flamingo, and a pretty pink heart. #Momsweettezil and I got our own lamps, the flamingo for her and the heart for me.


Turned off…..


Turned on!


How to get it? You will need to buy a certain amount of things in Watsons for the lamps and you may pick which one you want (see choices above and in pictures). The lamps also already have batteries in them so you don’t have to purchase anymore. Goodie!

The lamps are quite small and may be used for decoration, a night light, etc. but still has good quality and very nice. If you have a blog or YouTube channel then these lamps will be perfect for your background. I may use these sometimes in my pictures when I do my posts, so these will surely come in handy. Yipee!

Thanks a lot, Watsons, for these fantastic desk lamps! Can’t wait to try them!

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