Sofie Sunday

Sofie Sunday ~ My Brand New Fidget Cube!

Hi, everyone! Today’s post will be about my new fidget cube. #Momsweettezil recently got me this interesting and fun cube, as sometimes I can be very fidgety. My cube is purple, and the things you can fidget with is black. Let’s have a look at the parts of this cool cube!


  1. Glide – This part is like a joystick (like the ones on gaming controllers) and it’s pretty fun to push. Rating is 4 stars.


  1. Click – This one is probably my favorite! There are three buttons that make a loud, satisfying noise when clicked. The other two are pretty much just some silent, mushy ones. I love clicking the ones that make noise, anyhow! But it can be too noisy sometimes and distract other people, yikes! I then have to use the other parts if that happens. But anyway, my rating is 5 stars.


  1. Breathe – This part is supposed to ‘mimic’ a worry stone (they are usually small, smooth, and colored stones that you rub with your thumb). However, I don’t use it much as it seems like I’m rubbing a table or something like that. This side is kinda boring and isn’t much. Rating is 1 star.


  1. Spin – This part is a dial that you can spin. It makes a not-so-loud clicking noise while you do so. Can be used as a circular fidget thing. Rating is 3 stars.


  1. Flip – This part is a small switch that you can flip up and down, just like a light switch. This side is fun and the clicking noises are good. Rating is 4 stars. Click, Click, Click!


  1. Roll – This part is the side with a ball that can be rolled freely (and when pressed it makes a loud clicking noise!) and three gears that look like a combination lock, and can be rolled. The ball is the best part of this side, it rolls really fast and the clicks are nice and loud! Rating is 4 stars.

And these are all the sides of my cool fidget cube. I hope you enjoyed it! Have a happy Sunday, everyone!

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