Sofie Sunday

Sofie Sunday ~ 40+ Stuff To Do This Summer!

Oh, summer: the time for vacation, sun, and fun!

(Plays glorious music. La, la la la!!!)

However, not all of us will be heading for the beach. We may mostly be at home doing summer activities. But what summer activity will you do? Well, today’s post will be a list of 40+ things you can do this summer. Get ready to have some fun!

  1. Make a summer journal – a simple notebook will do! You can write down things that happened during the summer on your journal. You can also customize your journal, to make it more special. The journal can remind you of what happened during your sunny summer.
  1. Make a summer scrapbook – similar to the summer journal, except instead of writing you can put lots of photos and stickers inside!
  1. Make a Mandala – mandalas are designs that go round and round, and easy to make. Try making one and hang it on your wall!
  1. Get a definition – write a list of words that you don’t know what their meanings are, and find the meaning on a dictionary. Then rewrite the list, but adding the definitions beside the words.
  1. Make a sandwich – hungry? Time for a snack! (Fun idea: try making a sandwich with a spread that you’ve never tasted. Or, put something unusual inside the sandwich, like hot sauce, sprinkles, chips, etc.)
  1. Become familiar with your books – Take out all the books inside your bookshelf. Then, write down their titles. Arrange the books neatly again.
  1. Take a walk – take a stroll down your neighbourhood in the morning. Enjoy the morning sun and the tweeting of birds!
  1. Learn something that happened – on Google, search for ‘events that happened on (put date here). Example: My birthday is on June 14, so here are some stuff I found out on my birthday:
  • It’s going to be Flag Day!
  • Women in Norway won the right to vote!
  • Anne Frank started writing in her diary.

(Interesting, right? You can also search events that happened today!)

  1. Make some slime – gloopy, sticky, and fun slime.
  1. Try drawing caricatures – Caricatures are usually people with exaggerated body parts. You may need to research how to draw them.
  1. Try crosswords.
  1. Draw your dream vacation – Imagine, draw, and portray.
  1. Try sewing.
  1. Plan a family activity – with free time this summer, you can spend it with your family! A picnic, a board game night, a craft-making activity, etc. are some simple but fun things you can do with them.
  1. Learn some magic tricks – Expelliarmus! Accio! Stupefy! Wait, not like Harry Potter! But simple tricks like making a coin disappear with a handkerchief. Search the web for ideas or read from a book!
  1. Make some Vision boards – My post on Vision Boards (Link here.) will tell you all about me.
  1. Blow some bubbles – pop!
  1. Check out Squiggle’s Playhouse – A good web for kids, you can make mad libs, read jokes and riddles, try puzzles, learn how to make some interesting crafts, and play child-friendly games.
  1. Make your own stress balls – a balloon and some shaving cream/lotion will do!
  1. Try making a slushie – Very easy to make and tasty, too! Place some juice in the freezer, put it in a glass, and mash it around until it is perfect for you. Cool and yummy!
  1. Go somewhere new.
  1. Get a haircut.
  1. Make a blog – Blog-making websites like WordPress and Blogger will help you get started.
  1. Organize something – Places where you can start: Your bedroom, your desk, your clothes, and your computer.
  1. Try your hand at painting – This blog has some painting tutorials, by the way!
  1. Make a poem about your summer – you may do this when summer is done.
  1. Listen to music – listen to some good ear-candy. Fun tip: If you have Spotify, make a summer songs playlist!
  1. Listen to ‘The Catchy Song’— Search it up on YouTube. Warning: This song will get stuck in your head. It’s so catchy, catchy, such a catchy song.
  1. Go to a museum.
  1. Give a card to someone.
  1. Make a flipbook.
  1. Treat yourself to some ice cream!
  1. Share some ice cream with someone you know.
  1. Draw yourself as a super hero – what powers would you have?
  1. Make a comic – Staple some paper together to make a book, then draw a fantastic comic. Here are some ideas for you to start your comic: The Summer I Would Never Forget, A Sunny Day, and Fun under the Sun.
  1. Play Neko Atsume — This is a fun cat care mobile game. You get to attract cats in your home by putting beds, toys, and food everywhere. Really cute!
  1. Try making something in Microsoft Paint – you can also figure how to use it!
  1. Sharpen all your pencils – including your coloring pencils!
  1. Write a summer-themed story.
  1. Throw a summer-themed party – party with your family and friends, or have a party by yourself for some me-time!
  1. Look at the clouds – then draw what you see.
  1. Watch all the Harry Potter movies – or read the book series instead.
  1. Read a book for every week for the summer.
  1. Go to your local swimming pool – and practice your swimming skills!
  1. Create something with clay – you can purchase some cheap clay at your local bookstore and craft store. Once you’ve got some, try making some sculptures with it!

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