Sofie Sunday

Sofie Sunday ~ It’s Travel Time – Cebu City, a Cool Place!

Hi, everyone! If you have read my post last Sunday, then you will know why we have not updated for two weeks. If you have not, then read it now so you can catch up! (CLICK HERE!)

Okay, have you read it now? Good. Let’s start our journey to Cebu!

Day 1 had a very early start. Mom, Shawn, and I (along with our relatives) had to stand in line so we could check in our luggage.


After we finally checked in our bags, we ate some breakfast. After a good meal, we then started waiting for our plane. Oh, the excitement! I think we waited for 30 minutes to 1 hour. While we waited, I saw other airplanes taking off outside. People were scattered here and there inside the airport.


Soon, we could board the plane! YESSSSSSSS!!!

We stepped onto the plane and found our seats. When I looked out of the window, I could see one of the airplane’s big, shiny wings, lots of clouds, and men driving forklifts. I immediately started taking pictures.



Shawn’s First Morning on a Plane (and his first time flying on one!)


I could see the land outside the window getting smaller and smaller as we lifted. The sky was a pretty shade of light blue, and the fluffy white clouds were near! Shawn said the land below us looked like doll houses. Don’t you agree, too?


After a bit, the stewardesses served everybody some food. We got some juice and Japanese mayo sandwiches. Yummmm…very tasty!


To be continued….

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