QT Corner Sofie Sunday

Sofie Sunday ~ Meet The Bunch!

Hello, everyone! If you have read our old posts, you might have heard of our QT Corner! Well actually, there are more cute kitties aside from him! So I’ve decided to do a segment all about them! Time to meet the bunch!


QT Corner


Full Name: Quentin Tabby (Or for short, QT)

Breed: Persian

He’s a fluffy, cute, and snugly tabby that feels like a fluffy pillow! He loves eating, napping, and playing! He’s perfect when you want to read a book, touch something soft, and have a sweet nap!


 Fortune Cat


Full Name: Fortune

Breed: Persian

Fortune is the king of licks – he licks everyone, even humans! He is also a player- when he sees someone playing a piece of ribbon or yarn, he’ll want to get it! He can also get his claws stuck on stuff sometimes, and needs help removing the attached object off!


Okay, now for the ladies……


Sweet Twig


Full Name: Lil’ Twig

Breed: Siamese

Twig is well, sweet! She is always happy to see you and loves belly rubs! She also loves to play, and she’s really fast! But sometimes she can get a little naughty! When you take her out of her cage and let go of her it’ll be a mega game of hide and seek!


Pretty Peps


Full Name: Pepita

Fur Color: Tortoiseshell

We found this little kitty on the road, crying loudly. We felt very bad for it so we took her home with us and named her…Pepita! Here is her backstory, Rescuing Pepita. She is actually really beautiful and sweet! She is also tiny and her fur is soft!


So there you have it, our furry little babies! Hope you liked them. These cats really like likes (Facebook Likes ;))… and cat food!


QT Corner Sofie Sunday

Happy Birthday, QT! ~ Sofie Sunday

Today is QT’s birthday! Happy, happy, happy, birthday! You are now one year old, my little furball! The other kitties too, wish you a happy birthday! Hope you will have Happy day everyday!

QT Corner Sofie Sunday

Sofie Sunday Stories: Scruffy Oliver and the Ponies

Hello, everyone! Today, it’s going to be a different segment. This time, I’m doing a story. No, it’s not Margie Mouse. Instead, I’ll be doing a story with pictures that I took. It’s called, Scruffy Oliver and the Ponies. Enjoy!

Rainbow Dash: Hi, Fluttershy!

Fluttershy: Hi, Rainbow Dash! How are you?

Rainbow Dash: I’m great! Guess what? I’ve just won 2 tickets to the Big n’ Cute Animals animal zoo! Wanna come?

Fluttershy: Hmmmmm… okay!


Rainbow Dash: This is going to be great! See you tomorrow!

                                          [Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy are standing at the ticket booth of Big n’ Cute Animals.]

Pinkie Pie: Hey, guys! May I have your tickets, pleeeeeeaaasssee?

Fluttershy: Oh, Pinkie Pie! I didn’t know you work here!

Pinkie Pie: Well, I need some money for more cupcakes! And anyway, it’s fun!

Fluttershy: Okay! Here are our tickets.

                  [Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy go in.]

Fluttershy: So Rainbow Dash, what animals are there?

Rainbow Dash: Well, there’s Timmy the Red Tarantula, The Big Bees, and pretty much tons of big animals.

Fluttershy: Wow! Who do you think we should visit first– OH LOOK AT THAT CUTIE.

Rainbow Dash: Huh?


Fluttershy: AWWWWWW! You’re so CUTE.

Rainbow Dash: Aw! This is Scruffy Oliver, one of the most fluffiest creatures ever.

Scruffy Oliver: MEOW.


Pinkie Pie: Hi Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash! Wanna feed Scruffy? I’ve got some treats here!

Rainbow Dash: Okay!

Fluttershy: Okay!

                          [Scruffy Oliver eats the treats]

Fluttershy: Awww! Super adorable!

Rainbow Dash: Hey, Fluttershy! Do you want to see the other animals?

Fluttershy: Yeah…but first…

Rainbow Dash: What is it?

Fluttershy: Bye Bye, little Scruffy! Who’s a little cutie? You are!

Rainbow Dash: Uh, I wouldn’t call him ‘little’.

Fluttershy: Okay! Bye, Scruffy Oliver!

   [1 hour later]


Rainbow Dash: I’m hungry. Wanna eat at HayBurger?

Fluttershy: Okay!

Rainbow Dash: So, what should we order? Maybe we could try the ne– Oh. My. Goodness.

Fluttershy: What is it?! Are you hurt?

Rainbow Dash: Turn. Around.

Fluttershy: O–o–kay…


Fluttershy: Aggghhh! Scruffy! What are you doing here?!


Pinkie Pie: Oh! There you are Scruffy!


Pinkie Pie: OMG! I am so sorry! When you guys left, Scruffy Oliver escaped from his cage! Are you guys okay?

Rainbow Dash: Yes! We’re fine! And I guess Scruffy is fine too!


Pinkie Pie: Okay, you silly kitty. Time to go home!


Fluttershy: Wait!

Pinkie Pie: What?

Rainbow Dash: We wanna do something first…


Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy: Kitty Hugs!!!!!!




Rainbow Dash as Rainbow Dash

Fluttershy as Fluttershy

Pinkie Pie as Pinkie Pie

QT as Scruffy Oliver

Photographer: Sofie Chang

Director: Sofie Chang

No animals were harmed in the making of this story. Thanks for reading.

QT Corner

QT the Meowdel

Puuurrr.. Hey, hoomans! Miss me? I know it’s been a while since you last saw me here. I actually thought my Meowmy has totally forgotten about me!!! She had been busy decluttering and fixing stuff (which seems never ending, btw). But I’m always happy every time she’ll find something from her old things and give it to me to play with (Well, actually destroy… you know, what’s the use of my claws and teeth??) and then she’ll throw it away when it’s beyond recognition. Hahaha!

And then finally, one day I heard her asking Yaya if I’d had a bath already and if I had been scrubbed well. Hmmm, interesting!! Maybe we’ll go somewhere!!!

But wait no, I don’t see my carrier packed. But I saw her coming to me with a white fabric. Ooooh, it’s a top… for me! Cool, eh!

Then there she goes with her camera again, taking pictures of me. And she keeps on calling my name, “QT, QT, look here…. here, here… here.”

She keeps on saying, “No, don’t move, stay still.”

But I can’t, I’m too excited because aside from the white top she also gave me a wand toy, with a toy mouse dangling from it.

So there, she said the Photoshoot was a FAIL.. Hahahaha! Coz she can’t get a clear shot of my new clothing with my cute face looking at the camera.

I also wanted to tell her, that I needed a bigger size! Look, it keeps on going up my chest.

Anyway here are the rest of my shots, still handsome right?

Meowmy said she is promoting me to a Cat Meowdel!! Gotta earn my keep, right?  ^._.^

So if you like what I’m wearing, please check out our online store:

Good Stuff

Don’t get lost there, huh. You have to go to Albums/Photos and find the PET CLOTHES AND ACCESORIES album.

So pretty pretty please, with a cherry on top, please.. Go have a look, I’m sure you’ll find something for your furbaby like me. ^._.^

Cat Hugs and Kisses!

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QT Corner

QT Corner (=^ ◡ ^=) Intro

Hi, my name is QT.

My Meowmy (Liz) and Hooman Sissy (Sofie), the owners/authors of this website thought it will be cool if I’ll be part of their online world.

I know, crazy hoomans  ^._.^

Don’t they know all I want to do is to eat and sleep?!

Anyway, Meowmy said I should not forget to mention KT, my predecessor here in my intro.

See, we look like twins! And yes, my name is derived from his name.

So more kitty stories next time, I don’t want Meowmy to get teary eyed! She’s always like that every time she remembers KT, her love (Yes, that’s how she calls him… KT, my love!)!

Finally, I can go back to my napping.. Purrrr…. Purrrr……