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Sometime in your life you will go on a journey. It will be the longest journey you have ever taken. It is the journey to find yourself.

Ramblings and Musings

Sometimes a person has to go back, really back – to have a sense, an understanding of all that’s gone to make them – before they can go forward.

Fur Parenting Ramblings and Musings

National Hug Your Cat Day

Did you know that today , June 4, 2020, is the National Hug Your Cat Day?

Give your furbabies some love!!

Ramblings and Musings

Day 14 of Community Quarantine.

I miss our normal… our crazy normal life.

In this picture, you will see my son watching me like a hawk, while I was across the street buying some BBQs that we would bring home as our lunch. He was waiting for me to fetch him and his Ate Sofie from their enrichment class.

Yup, although they are homeschooled, they do go out!!! One common misconception about homeschooling is that the kids are just stuck at home. Heck, the common question/criticism, WHAT ABOUT THEIR SOCIALIZATION???

One thing is for sure; the mandate to brick and mortar schools to transition to home learning, brought about by COVID-19 pandemic is far from what homeschooling is all about. I do hope that parents will be able to differentiate that.

And this picture right here is one of our crazy normal days that I truly miss.

How are you guys (especially moms!) holding up?

I hope this will be over soon.

I hope we can all go back to our crazy normal lives.

Please stay safe. STAY HOME as much as possible. Let’s be part of the solution and not contribute more on how the virus can spread.

Photo Taken last February 2020.


Education is not a means to an end. It’s not something you do for twelve years so you can get into a university, and then something you do for four more years so you can get a job sitting at a desk forty hours per week. Learning is a lifelong process. It happens all the time. It starts before we are born and continues until the day we die.


But smart women who plan to make a difference in the world have to believe that a difference can be made.


What is essential is to realize that children learn independently, not in bunches; that they learn out of interest and curiosity, not to please or appease the adults in power; and that they ought to be in control of their own learning, deciding for themselves what they want to learn and how they learn it.


A mother’s work is not just invisible; it can become a handicap. Raising children may be the most important job in the world, but you can’t put it on a resume.



Sharing with you quotations from books that will make you ponder or tug your heart. May this collection give you comfort, inspiration, strength and joy as we journey through life.

May it bring you happiness in times of sorrow.

May it give you knowledge and clarity in times of confusion.

May it not only touch your mind but also your heart.





**DISCLAIMER: Page Number, Title of the Book, and Author are all cited.

Homeschooling Ramblings and Musings

National Book Store Pioneer Warehouse Sale 2019

Just want to make a quick recap of my NBS warehouse (VIP Preview) sale experience yesterday in Pioneer, Mandaluyong while my thoughts are still fresh in my mommy brain (and while as I’m typing I can feel backache, lols!). Forgive me, my achy feet and back! I know we’ve just spent the previous day in Kidzania standing and walking for like the entire day.

The preview sale was meant for Laking National Cardholders. You need to bring it for entry, one card is valid only for 1 person. That’s why my Dear Daughter Sofie Sunday was not able to come with me.

I was after the supplies for our Homeschool and Home Office, not really books. I was able to snatch some books though while I was already in line for the cashier, books that people removed from their baskets/did not purchase.

In queue again after falling in line outside the building.

As soon as I entered the shopping area, there were no more carts/baskets. And the aisles were really crowded, it’s like moving through Divisoria/Baclaran when it’s jam-packed with people. I was impressed by the porter/bagger (Hi, Kuya Marvin!  I thought he was just ‘paasa’ LOL!) whom I asked where I can get at least a basket. He said he will just be the one to get/find one for me because they were all in use. So after 20 minutes of gliding through people, there he was with a trolley cart (Really A for Effort for trying to find me)! He also assisted me going outside/and while waiting for Grab.


This is how it looked like inside (around almost 5pm).

Seriously, my first 10 minutes in there I was thinking of going back home because of the crowd and the line. But then I reminded myself, it already cost me time, energy, sleep and money to travel from Las Pinas to Mandaluyong.

Mandaluyong is somehow nearer (from our place) than Cubao or Quezon City where they had sales in the past. Though I wanted to try ordering online, there were negative feedback on their online store (most are out of stock/or out of their N number of orders only few were delivered).

Random Ramblings:

  • I arrived at 10:35 am. And boy, there was a long line outside the building! They were letting people in per batches because the warehouse was really full of people.
  • I was in line for about 30 minutes outside the building plus around 5 minutes inside , then about 3 hours for cashier. Even their one and only food and beverage stand had a long line. At some point, a staff separated the line just for those who will buy water. TIP: If you have companions, maybe they can buy outside the building so it’s way faster (Or better yet you can just bring your own. I’m not really sure though how strict they were with bringing food like in BBW).
  • I had an unplanned fasting (Geez! Still lucky I was able to buy bottled water while I was in line for cashier)! TIP: Be nice to those in front and behind you in your queue. You can take turns in looking after your loot while one of you can grab something to munch/drink.
  • Saw Rica Peralejo and her sister Paula (Rica is a homeschool mom too!).
  • I did not feel it was a Preview/VIP/first dibs Sale. It was like open to public already. See, what others did was buy their Laking National Card in the NBS Branch Store which is in the same building.
  • Bring wipes (you’ll get your hands dirty!*wink*).
  • Many were looking for the book, Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes by Edith Hamilton including the lad (whom I had a quick chit chat), who was in line with me outside the building. I don’t know if he was able to find one because based on the comments in NBS FB page, even those who were inside by 10am were not able to get hold of it. Allegedly, they say the employees reserved it beforehand. If it’s true then that is sad, NBS should have a separate sale for their staffs (DISCLAIMER: I’M NEITHER CONFIRMING NOR DENYING THIS.).


Communicating with my kids via Viber, asking them if they want these. Note this was after I fell in line for payment. You see, you will still be able to browse while in the snake-like line.


And this was the line inside for the cashier.



Really love these craft/puzzle kits! Super sulit!


Okay, so I was able to maneuver my trolley and grab some books for me and the kiddos. Hahaha!



Tell Me Series

Lucky to snatch these, a lady removed it from their basket while we were in line for cashier.


Pens and Trays


Sofie Sunday and dinoShawn opened these when I got home last night.

Overall, I was glad I went to the warehouse sale though I find it disorganized and I can say the shopping experience was not that convenient compared to BBW (Oh, I know I still owe you the part 2 of our BBW Year 2 experience). I was able to score office/school supplies as low as P6 which normally will cost me P50 for their regular price. The highest item I paid for was the Build a Village woodcraft kit for P310 only (Price Tag was P1550).