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Sofie Sunday ~ Books are better than Television.

Hello, everyone! Just recently, in one of my homeschool books, I was asked to write a persuasive summary on why books are better than television. Once I finished writing and after my mom checked it, she put a note saying that I could post my summary on this blog! I thought that would be a great idea, so I decided to do it! Here is my persuasive summary on ‘Why Books are better than Television’.


Why Books are Better than Television

Persuasive Entry by Sofie Chang


People have advanced in technology since then — several types of phones are being made, VR (Virtual Reality) makes it possible to be inside a 3-D game, and scientists are even creating a special type of pill that can be swallowed to open emails! Many people can be seen tapping and texting on phones, playing video games, and watching TV. Others, however, prefer reading, making crafts, and more other things that usually don’t involve screen staring. I think that everyone, including children and adults, should try to lessen the time of staring at those little screens and read more books. I think that books are much better than television, but a little TV is okay. Opening up a book can bring you to a world of possibilities.

 A book can inform you, make you smile, solve a mystery, and more. As you quietly read a little story, your brain imagines the story. What is the setting? What will happen? Who are they? While the gears in your brain go, you imagine the whole thing.

However, on the other hand, TV can inform, entertain, and tell stories like a book would, only that the screen moves as you watch. As you can see, both books and TV are good.

 But unfortunately, the TV has its drawbacks. Too much TV is bad for your eyes, you won’t get much exercise, and you can become lazy. Books, however, let you imagine the story, let you pause when you need to stop, the list goes on.  Famous people like J.K Rowling (author of Harry Potter), Barack Obama (44th president of the US), and Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft) and many more successful people are known for being voracious readers, which could be how it lead to their fame. Nevertheless, books can make one brighter, cleverer, and successful!

I believe, want, and know that everyone can pick up a good book and be sent to that world of possibilities. If everyone, tall and short, young and old, small and big, keep reading books, then our future may be brighter, better, and greater, all because of people who have read!


And that is my persuasive summary, ‘Why Books are better than Television’!

Thank you for reading my post! Don’t forget to share and keep reading our blog. Have a happy Sunday, everyone!



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National Book Store Pioneer Warehouse Sale 2019

Just want to make a quick recap of my NBS warehouse (VIP Preview) sale experience yesterday in Pioneer, Mandaluyong while my thoughts are still fresh in my mommy brain (and while as I’m typing I can feel backache, lols!). Forgive me, my achy feet and back! I know we’ve just spent the previous day in Kidzania standing and walking for like the entire day.

The preview sale was meant for Laking National Cardholders. You need to bring it for entry, one card is valid only for 1 person. That’s why my Dear Daughter Sofie Sunday was not able to come with me.

I was after the supplies for our Homeschool and Home Office, not really books. I was able to snatch some books though while I was already in line for the cashier, books that people removed from their baskets/did not purchase.

In queue again after falling in line outside the building.

As soon as I entered the shopping area, there were no more carts/baskets. And the aisles were really crowded, it’s like moving through Divisoria/Baclaran when it’s jam-packed with people. I was impressed by the porter/bagger (Hi, Kuya Marvin!  I thought he was just ‘paasa’ LOL!) whom I asked where I can get at least a basket. He said he will just be the one to get/find one for me because they were all in use. So after 20 minutes of gliding through people, there he was with a trolley cart (Really A for Effort for trying to find me)! He also assisted me going outside/and while waiting for Grab.


This is how it looked like inside (around almost 5pm).

Seriously, my first 10 minutes in there I was thinking of going back home because of the crowd and the line. But then I reminded myself, it already cost me time, energy, sleep and money to travel from Las Pinas to Mandaluyong.

Mandaluyong is somehow nearer (from our place) than Cubao or Quezon City where they had sales in the past. Though I wanted to try ordering online, there were negative feedback on their online store (most are out of stock/or out of their N number of orders only few were delivered).

Random Ramblings:

  • I arrived at 10:35 am. And boy, there was a long line outside the building! They were letting people in per batches because the warehouse was really full of people.
  • I was in line for about 30 minutes outside the building plus around 5 minutes inside , then about 3 hours for cashier. Even their one and only food and beverage stand had a long line. At some point, a staff separated the line just for those who will buy water. TIP: If you have companions, maybe they can buy outside the building so it’s way faster (Or better yet you can just bring your own. I’m not really sure though how strict they were with bringing food like in BBW).
  • I had an unplanned fasting (Geez! Still lucky I was able to buy bottled water while I was in line for cashier)! TIP: Be nice to those in front and behind you in your queue. You can take turns in looking after your loot while one of you can grab something to munch/drink.
  • Saw Rica Peralejo and her sister Paula (Rica is a homeschool mom too!).
  • I did not feel it was a Preview/VIP/first dibs Sale. It was like open to public already. See, what others did was buy their Laking National Card in the NBS Branch Store which is in the same building.
  • Bring wipes (you’ll get your hands dirty!*wink*).
  • Many were looking for the book, Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes by Edith Hamilton including the lad (whom I had a quick chit chat), who was in line with me outside the building. I don’t know if he was able to find one because based on the comments in NBS FB page, even those who were inside by 10am were not able to get hold of it. Allegedly, they say the employees reserved it beforehand. If it’s true then that is sad, NBS should have a separate sale for their staffs (DISCLAIMER: I’M NEITHER CONFIRMING NOR DENYING THIS.).


Communicating with my kids via Viber, asking them if they want these. Note this was after I fell in line for payment. You see, you will still be able to browse while in the snake-like line.


And this was the line inside for the cashier.



Really love these craft/puzzle kits! Super sulit!


Okay, so I was able to maneuver my trolley and grab some books for me and the kiddos. Hahaha!



Tell Me Series

Lucky to snatch these, a lady removed it from their basket while we were in line for cashier.


Pens and Trays


Sofie Sunday and dinoShawn opened these when I got home last night.

Overall, I was glad I went to the warehouse sale though I find it disorganized and I can say the shopping experience was not that convenient compared to BBW (Oh, I know I still owe you the part 2 of our BBW Year 2 experience). I was able to score office/school supplies as low as P6 which normally will cost me P50 for their regular price. The highest item I paid for was the Build a Village woodcraft kit for P310 only (Price Tag was P1550).


Homeschooling Sofie Sunday

Sofie Sunday ~ Adarna House Book Haul!

Hi, everyone! Today is another Sofie Sunday post. This time, it is about our new books freshly bought from Adarna House. Get ready to read!

We got them at World Trade Center, same time when we bought our new Big Bad Wolf books (if you haven’t read our amazing and wonderful experience at BBW, you may read it here!). Our new fresh-smelling Filipino books are nice! Homeschoolers studying Filipino language will want them. There are many vivid and colorful pictures with words of moral lessons. We got storybooks of Filipino legends and modern tales. Others are about History (about Jose Rizal and Andres Bonifacio, plus one about Jesus Christ). See for yourself:

Many wonderful books. Keep on reading!

The tales in each and every Adarna book always have something to tell. The pictures are detailed and beautiful, and each paragraph are overflowing with information and story. These books are great addition to our Homeschool library.

So there you have it! The Adarna book haul and my thoughts. Thanks for reading! Have a happy Sunday!

Homeschooling Sofie Sunday

Sofie Sunday: Big Bad Wolf ~ The World’s Biggest Book Sale (Part 1)!

Warning: This post contains a MASSIVE collection of books.


And you’re here again, Big Bad Wolf! Big Bad Wolf is the world’s biggest book sale, coming here in Manila (its second time!), with 2 million (yup, 2 MILLION, no kidding!) new books! BBW is bringing best sellers, classics, and more. So for today’s post, I’m going to tell you all about my family’s book shopping—along with some tips, thoughts, and pictures! Book lovers, get ready for this massive book segment!

BBW is open 24/7, and will be open until March 4, 2019. BBW is located at World Trade Center, Pasay City, Manila. Once you arrive, your bags will be checked by guards and dogs (for security purposes). World Trade Center is big! If you need to use the loo, don’t worry because there are several bathrooms inside and outside the BBW halls. Book Publishers like Adarna and Phoenix also have their own stalls (outside BBW) selling discounted books. This is a good opportunity for those who are homeschooling to buy their textbooks and storybooks!


The entrance of BBW can be easily seen as there are lots of banners and posters surrounding it. You can pose and take pictures there too!

  • Tip 1: Bring maletas (luggages) and eco bags—will be easier to carry your newly bought books this way.
  • Tip 2: Don’t bring water or food inside—okay, this is not exactly a tip, but more of a rule. You are not allowed to bring any liquids or food inside BBW. Period.
  • Tip 3: Be watchful of your belongings! You might lose them while you are busy book hunting.
  • Tip 4: Wear comfortable shoes and clothing.


Entering BBW is AMAZING. There are lots and lots of fresh smelling books everywhere, BBW banners above your head, red shopping carts (the handle has the words ‘Fill Your Need To Read’, very cool) here and there, and good music blasting through the speakers.  It’s like book heaven for book lovers!


There are many books of different genres—children’s, fiction, non-fiction, and more. The reference and work book sections are perfect for homeschoolers, BBW has a lot this year. Other genres are fashion, design, parenting, self-help, and more, there are just so many books!


There is also a special section that I really like, the craft and hobbies section. This section has lots of great books and kits! There are books on knitting, crochet, and sewing, which I’m sure yarn lovers will like, and origami, craft and card-making books! There’s also LOTS of coloring books.  Some of the coloring books are Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts themed. And this cute kitty one, awww!



I also got a sewing kit at the craft and hobbies section. It’s an owl stuffie you need to sew and make. It looks really cute! Will do a post on this in the future.


Also, if you get hungry, there are 24/7 food stalls just near the payment area. The food is local but good anyway. There are also tables where you can sit down and eat while relaxing your legs from walking.

So there you have it, my family’s experience at Big Bad Wolf! You must come back next year, BBW! Your books are amazing! Will make Part 2 soon, it will be our book haul. Have a happy Sunday, everyone!!!


Momsweettezil’s Postcript:

Watch out for the second part of our BBW Year 2 blog post! BBW Part 2 will contain my personal recount and review of our BBW experience. And of course, our ‘LOOT’!

For now, you still have ample time to head over World Trade Center! And hunt your own treasures!!

Sofie Sunday

Sofie Sunday ~ Top 5 Books in my Bookshelf

Hello, everyone! Today, I will be showing my Top 5 Books on my bookshelf (though all of my books are my fave)! I will also tell about them too. Here we go!

Science Stunts Fun Feats of Physics by Jordan D. Brown

This is a fun book with lots of experiments to do. Some require an adult and others don’t. But all of them are fun and educational, of course. This book is authored by Jordan D. Brown and illustrated by Anthony Owsley.


Charlotte’s Web By E.B White

It’s a book on friendship, farm life, and well, life. When a pig named Wilbur learns that he will be eaten on Christmas, his friend Charlotte (she’s the spider, by the way– not the girl on the book whose name is Fern. I’ve actually thought Charlotte was Fern before I read the book, honestly) weaves words on her web for Wilbur to show just how special he is. This book is authored by E.B. White and pictures by Garth Williams.


The Land of Stories The Wishing Spell by Chris Colfer

An enchanted book about a pair of twins accidentally going into a story book their grandmother gave them. They meet famous fairy tale charcters there like Cinderella, Goldilocks, Jack, while they try collecting ingredients for a spell so they can return home. This book is authored by Chris Colfer.


The Secret Story of Shy Shelly by Justine Hail

A very shy girl named Shelly wishes one night on a paper star that she could have a real friend, aside from her pet turtle Huey Louie. Then it comes true on the next day! But when she makes friends with two chatty girls and one quiet outcast, can she handle it all? This book is authored by Justine Hail and illustrations by Elbert Or.


Shy Shelly and the Bully by Justine Hail

The new sequel to the Shy Shelly series! This time, Shelly’s friends want to have some revenge on a bully named Jake. But when Shelly realizes this bully is being bullied by his older brother, Tom, Shelly wants to help him. But with her friends plotting with icky treats, can Shelly try to do so? This book is authored by Justine Hail and illustrations by Elbert Or.


And that’s it! I might do a Part 2 of this next time. And I also will try to get the next book of the Shy Shelly series, Shy Shelly and a Missing Book. Until next time! Bye!