Sofie Sunday

Sofie Sunday ~ Shawn’s 5th Birthday

Last Monday, it was Shawn’s 5th Birthday! That day, it was a blast! This post is all about our day on Shawn’s very awesome (and bouncy!) birthday!

First, we woke up early and #Momsweettezil and I gave our gifts to Shawn at breakfast. I gave Shawn a notebook with stickers and markers that he could use for drawing. #Momsweettezil gave Shawn this singing toy from his favorite show Beat Bugs and some shirts.



Afterwards, we got dressed up (Shawn: A special blue polo shirt with OshKosh pants) and went to SM Southmall! There, we went to this giant playground called Bounce. It is known for its indoor trampolines and since Shawn and I never went on a trampoline before #Momsweettezil decided it would be a nice place to go for our birthday boy. Before entering, we needed some non-slip socks and a wristband for entry. Because it was Shawn’s birthday, he got an extra hour free (We were each going to have 1 hour but since it’s his birthday, he deserves it! Thanks Bounce for this Birthday promo!). So it was him, our Yaya, and me. Once we had wristbands and those special socks (Underneath it are designs on the soles which were actually the non-slip part. Nice!), we sat down in a spot with a bunch of chairs and a lady let us watch a special video about the rules and why you need to be careful. The video said that you might get broken bones, paralysis, and even instant death if you are not careful. After the video, we went to the playground and started jumping and bouncing!



After a fun jump at Bounce, it was time to have some lunch.  We ate at S&R New York Style Pizza, which is a yummy pizza parlor! Our grandparents arrived and we ate.                                                     


After our lunch we went to Toy Kingdom to look at toys. We played with toy demos (Squishy Motion Sand, this awesome robot) and Shawn bought a dino egg set. When you put the eggs in water they will break open and dinos will come out!



When we finished roaming around Toy Kingdom, we went to the SM Cinema. There, we watched a movie called Mortal Engines. We bought some cheesy popcorn and bottled water and watched!


After the movie we had dinner at BonChon. We had chicken, pork chops, soup, noodles, and ice tea.  Delicious!


Soon we went home and put our stuff away. Our dad gave Shawn a Nerf gun– cool!

Sofie Sunday

Sofie Sunday: Paint – it – yourself ~ Sunny Sunflower

Wow! It’s going to be the end of summer already! Before it ends, here is an easy painting to do! Time to take a look!


*Green, Black, Brown, and Yellow paint

*Oslo/Watercolor paper


*Yellow marker or crayon

Paint a big brown circle in the middle of the paper.

Paint yellow petals around the brown circle. You can use a yellow marker or crayon to draw petals then paint it yellow inside.

Draw a green stem with leaves. Add some grass to decorate the painting.

When the painting is dry, paint some black lines on the leaves.

Voila! Looks nice, right? Special thanks to my brother, #Dinoshawn, for painting with me. See you next week!

Homeschooling Sofie Sunday

Sofie Sunday Special Edition: 2018 Las Pinas Fiesta

Hi everyone! Yesterday, I went to Manuyo Uno for fiesta! I had a great time celebrating the feast of St. Joseph! Here are some pictures my mom took:



And me and my brother (#dinoShawn) got these adorable chicks! The yellow one with red on top is Emily (My chick!) and the orange one is Tretts (My brother’s chick!). Aren’t they sweet?


We ate some yummy food at my grandparents’ house. Yum! Thanks, Grandpa and Grandma! We also watched the colorful bands march around while munching on Mentos!


I am looking forward to go to the feast of St. Joseph next year. Are you?

Sofie Sunday

Sofie Sunday: App Review ~ Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen

Hi, everyone! For today’s segment, I will be doing an app review. My brother, Shawn (#dinoShawn) got this app a few weeks ago. The app I’ll be reviewing today is called Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen! In this app, you get to bake cookies with Elmo and Cookie Monster. Now let see what this app is all about! Note that this is the Lite version.



Ok, the first thing to do is press the green cookie on the screen. Then, you will be asked whom you want to make cookies with. Here is what will happen between Cookie Monster and Elmo.



If you choose Cookie Monster…

With Cookie Monster, you will make the cookies into words. Choose a letter and drag/tap it. The letter will be in the middle of a three-lettered word. There’s also a rolling pin to erase that word if you want a different one.



So when you put the letter there, it will now ask you to mix the cookies in a bowl to give it some colors. Four colors will be given to you. When you are done, Ta Da! You have made the word cookie of the word you’ve made. You will continue making three more.


If you choose Elmo…

With Elmo, instead of words you get to make letter cookies! Choose some letters and decorate them with an assortment of toppings and icings! When you are done, press the bell and have fun feeding them to Cookie, Elmo, and yourself!


I recommend that this app can be for 3-7 years old. But anyone can play it because it’s so fun (I’m nine and a half and I still play it)! I hope you enjoyed my review on this app. Bon Appétit!