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Sofie Sunday ~ It’s Travel Time – Cebu City, a Cool Place! (Part 2)


Note: Here is the link for the first part of this post.

The plane ride didn’t take too long. We got off the plane safely. We rode a van and started to drive around Cebu City! We checked in to a hotel, and then started sightseeing. Yay! First stop, Magellan’s Cross…

A cross with an interesting origin…


After we saw the Magellan’s Cross, we started to get hungry. It was time for lunch! We ate at Salo Salo Sutukil restaurant.

I really liked the eatery’s choice décor, it was very ‘Pinoy’. The food was really yummy. A man played some music with a harp, he was pretty good! The view of the long river outside completed the scene.

After the meal, we went to an amazing park called, The Mactan Shrine. At this beautiful landmark, you can take pictures with the statues of Magellan and Lapu Lapu. Pretty flowers are everywhere to look at. There is also a tall Philippines flag standing nice and high, in the middle of the park. Take a look at our pictures:

Next stop: Sirao Garden! (To be Continued!)

Sofie Sunday

Sofie Sunday ~ It’s Travel Time – Cebu City, a Cool Place!

Hi, everyone! If you have read my post last Sunday, then you will know why we have not updated for two weeks. If you have not, then read it now so you can catch up! (CLICK HERE!)

Okay, have you read it now? Good. Let’s start our journey to Cebu!

Day 1 had a very early start. Mom, Shawn, and I (along with our relatives) had to stand in line so we could check in our luggage.

After we finally checked in our bags, we ate some breakfast. After a good meal, we then started waiting for our plane. Oh, the excitement! I think we waited for 30 minutes to 1 hour. While we waited, I saw other airplanes taking off outside. People were scattered here and there inside the airport.

Soon, we could board the plane! YESSSSSSSS!!!

We stepped onto the plane and found our seats. When I looked out of the window, I could see one of the airplane’s big, shiny wings, lots of clouds, and men driving forklifts. I immediately started taking pictures.

Shawn’s First Morning on a Plane (and his first time flying on one!)


I could see the land outside the window getting smaller and smaller as we lifted. The sky was a pretty shade of light blue, and the fluffy white clouds were near! Shawn said the land below us looked like doll houses. Don’t you agree, too?

After a bit, the stewardesses served everybody some food. We got some juice and Japanese mayo sandwiches. Yummmm…very tasty!

To be continued….

Sofie Sunday

Sofie Sunday ~ We’re Back!!!

Hi, everyone!

We have not blogged for a while, so you readers must be wondering why.

So, why?

We went on a vacation!!!

The reason why we have not updated is because we were out for a 2-week long vacation. We went to lots of places with our relatives!

We went to tourist attractions in Visayas region, like in Bohol, Cebu, Capiz and Iloilo. We saw the very small Tarsiers, and ate the sweet mangoes of Guimaras (the mangoes were seriously good!)!

So next Sunday, I’m going to post all about our trip, along with lots and lots of pictures.  You will get to see the amazing view of Chocolate Hills, and Shawn’s first time on an airplane, and a boat! I think I will need to do a part 2 for that post, I took so many pictures  since we went to lots of places.

So, watch out next Sunday for my It’s Travel Time ~ Cebu City, a Cool Place. You will read about the first week of our awesome trip.  I need to write my draft and edit photos.

Share this post to spread the news. Have a happy Sunday, everyone!

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Sofie Sunday ~ Books are better than Television.

Hello, everyone! Just recently, in one of my homeschool books, I was asked to write a persuasive summary on why books are better than television. Once I finished writing and after my mom checked it, she put a note saying that I could post my summary on this blog! I thought that would be a great idea, so I decided to do it! Here is my persuasive summary on ‘Why Books are better than Television’.


Why Books are Better than Television

Persuasive Entry by Sofie Chang


People have advanced in technology since then — several types of phones are being made, VR (Virtual Reality) makes it possible to be inside a 3-D game, and scientists are even creating a special type of pill that can be swallowed to open emails! Many people can be seen tapping and texting on phones, playing video games, and watching TV. Others, however, prefer reading, making crafts, and more other things that usually don’t involve screen staring. I think that everyone, including children and adults, should try to lessen the time of staring at those little screens and read more books. I think that books are much better than television, but a little TV is okay. Opening up a book can bring you to a world of possibilities.

 A book can inform you, make you smile, solve a mystery, and more. As you quietly read a little story, your brain imagines the story. What is the setting? What will happen? Who are they? While the gears in your brain go, you imagine the whole thing.

However, on the other hand, TV can inform, entertain, and tell stories like a book would, only that the screen moves as you watch. As you can see, both books and TV are good.

 But unfortunately, the TV has its drawbacks. Too much TV is bad for your eyes, you won’t get much exercise, and you can become lazy. Books, however, let you imagine the story, let you pause when you need to stop, the list goes on.  Famous people like J.K Rowling (author of Harry Potter), Barack Obama (44th president of the US), and Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft) and many more successful people are known for being voracious readers, which could be how it lead to their fame. Nevertheless, books can make one brighter, cleverer, and successful!

I believe, want, and know that everyone can pick up a good book and be sent to that world of possibilities. If everyone, tall and short, young and old, small and big, keep reading books, then our future may be brighter, better, and greater, all because of people who have read!


And that is my persuasive summary, ‘Why Books are better than Television’!

Thank you for reading my post! Don’t forget to share and keep reading our blog. Have a happy Sunday, everyone!



Sofie Sunday

Sofie Sunday ~ 40+ Stuff To Do This Summer!

Oh, summer: the time for vacation, sun, and fun!

(Plays glorious music. La, la la la!!!)

However, not all of us will be heading for the beach. We may mostly be at home doing summer activities. But what summer activity will you do? Well, today’s post will be a list of 40+ things you can do this summer. Get ready to have some fun!

  1. Make a summer journal – a simple notebook will do! You can write down things that happened during the summer on your journal. You can also customize your journal, to make it more special. The journal can remind you of what happened during your sunny summer.
  1. Make a summer scrapbook – similar to the summer journal, except instead of writing you can put lots of photos and stickers inside!
  1. Make a Mandala – mandalas are designs that go round and round, and easy to make. Try making one and hang it on your wall!
  1. Get a definition – write a list of words that you don’t know what their meanings are, and find the meaning on a dictionary. Then rewrite the list, but adding the definitions beside the words.
  1. Make a sandwich – hungry? Time for a snack! (Fun idea: try making a sandwich with a spread that you’ve never tasted. Or, put something unusual inside the sandwich, like hot sauce, sprinkles, chips, etc.)
  1. Become familiar with your books – Take out all the books inside your bookshelf. Then, write down their titles. Arrange the books neatly again.
  1. Take a walk – take a stroll down your neighbourhood in the morning. Enjoy the morning sun and the tweeting of birds!
  1. Learn something that happened – on Google, search for ‘events that happened on (put date here). Example: My birthday is on June 14, so here are some stuff I found out on my birthday:
  • It’s going to be Flag Day!
  • Women in Norway won the right to vote!
  • Anne Frank started writing in her diary.

(Interesting, right? You can also search events that happened today!)

  1. Make some slime – gloopy, sticky, and fun slime.
  1. Try drawing caricatures – Caricatures are usually people with exaggerated body parts. You may need to research how to draw them.
  1. Try crosswords.
  1. Draw your dream vacation – Imagine, draw, and portray.
  1. Try sewing.
  1. Plan a family activity – with free time this summer, you can spend it with your family! A picnic, a board game night, a craft-making activity, etc. are some simple but fun things you can do with them.
  1. Learn some magic tricks – Expelliarmus! Accio! Stupefy! Wait, not like Harry Potter! But simple tricks like making a coin disappear with a handkerchief. Search the web for ideas or read from a book!
  1. Make some Vision boards – My post on Vision Boards (Link here.) will tell you all about me.
  1. Blow some bubbles – pop!
  1. Check out Squiggle’s Playhouse – A good web for kids, you can make mad libs, read jokes and riddles, try puzzles, learn how to make some interesting crafts, and play child-friendly games.
  1. Make your own stress balls – a balloon and some shaving cream/lotion will do!
  1. Try making a slushie – Very easy to make and tasty, too! Place some juice in the freezer, put it in a glass, and mash it around until it is perfect for you. Cool and yummy!
  1. Go somewhere new.
  1. Get a haircut.
  1. Make a blog – Blog-making websites like WordPress and Blogger will help you get started.
  1. Organize something – Places where you can start: Your bedroom, your desk, your clothes, and your computer.
  1. Try your hand at painting – This blog has some painting tutorials, by the way!
  1. Make a poem about your summer – you may do this when summer is done.
  1. Listen to music – listen to some good ear-candy. Fun tip: If you have Spotify, make a summer songs playlist!
  1. Listen to ‘The Catchy Song’— Search it up on YouTube. Warning: This song will get stuck in your head. It’s so catchy, catchy, such a catchy song.
  1. Go to a museum.
  1. Give a card to someone.
  1. Make a flipbook.
  1. Treat yourself to some ice cream!
  1. Share some ice cream with someone you know.
  1. Draw yourself as a super hero – what powers would you have?
  1. Make a comic – Staple some paper together to make a book, then draw a fantastic comic. Here are some ideas for you to start your comic: The Summer I Would Never Forget, A Sunny Day, and Fun under the Sun.
  1. Play Neko Atsume — This is a fun cat care mobile game. You get to attract cats in your home by putting beds, toys, and food everywhere. Really cute!
  1. Try making something in Microsoft Paint – you can also figure how to use it!
  1. Sharpen all your pencils – including your coloring pencils!
  1. Write a summer-themed story.
  1. Throw a summer-themed party – party with your family and friends, or have a party by yourself for some me-time!
  1. Look at the clouds – then draw what you see.
  1. Watch all the Harry Potter movies – or read the book series instead.
  1. Read a book for every week for the summer.
  1. Go to your local swimming pool – and practice your swimming skills!
  1. Create something with clay – you can purchase some cheap clay at your local bookstore and craft store. Once you’ve got some, try making some sculptures with it!
Sofie Sunday

Sofie Sunday ~ KidZania Manila – Where Kids Rule!

Summer is here! Now, since there are lots of free time and sun- swimming, vacation, and more fun activities can all be done! For one activity to enjoy with your family, I recommend you go to KidZania! Just recently, my family and I went to KidZania Manila. Ever since I was young, I’ve always wanted to go to this awesome place. And now, I finally did!

What is KidZania? KidZania is a place where kids, who are 4-17 years old, can do role-playing jobs like adults in this indoor playground. They enter the mini version of the establishments/companies on their own (parents can watch their children through the windows). Taking pictures at KidZania is allowed! Take lots of them as your child works so you can remember this fun experience and learn many things about the jobs they choose. They also get a view of the adult world and learn how to be independent and wiser on the jobs they choose. Children can also earn money, called Kidzos (Kidzos are pretty much some bills; there are no coins) to buy toys, clothes, and badges at the KidZania department store.


Kidzos can also be used as payment to enter some establishments (where kids will be trained) like the recording studio, the cooking school, and more. Every time a child finishes working at an establishment, a professional photographer will take a picture of him/her. You can get a photo or two at the PiKidZania Station, just near the Marine Conservationists establishment. Note that you will have to pay in Philippine money, not Kidzos.


KidZania opens at 9 am and closes at 4 pm. I recommend that you should go early because of rush hour. If you are going to KidZania, you should wear comfortable clothes and footwear. There are not a lot of chairs at KidZania (only at the food court, I think) and there will be lots of standing and walking. Did you know, you can get ‘Pazzports’ at KidZania? If a child gets a Pazzport (price is P250) then he/she becomes a CitiZen of KidZania. They can be paid more and parents can get a free coffee. Cool, right?

The entrance of KidZania is very cool – the inside looks just like the inside of an airport! Once you get in, you will need to fall in line to get a special KidZania bracelet, both children and adults. Be careful with your KidZania bracelets, everyone. If you break them, you will have to pay for a replacement fee. Yikes! Also, do not remove your KidZania bracelet, only the staff will remove them when you leave.

As soon as you get the bracelets and boarding pass, you will be allowed to enter the exciting world of KidZania. Kids can enter the bank to get their special ATM card, which can be used to place earned money inside. The parents can watch their children outside while kids go in line to make their ATM. As soon as you get the card, you can now start doing the jobs you want! Before working at KidZania, you should get a map of the city so you won’t get lost. You can find maps in front of the bank and the Aviation Academy.


dinoShawn and I first worked as Marine Conservationists. There, dinoShawn and I learnt about water pollution and even touched some sea creatures. We touched the Choco Chip sea star and the Serpent sea star! After learning a lot about sea life, we were given 12 Kidzos each. Hooray!


After the Marine Conservationists job, we went to more establishments! We danced in front of an audience, became surgeons, learnt how to care for babies, became firefighters, and so much more! It was so much learning and playing at KidZania. It was a lot of fun learning about our desired jobs.

Sofie Sunday and Yaya dancing 

Want to watch video of our dancing? Click! Click!


Firefighter – one of the famous jobs in Kidzania


Pets are close to our hearts. Sofie and Shawn as Veterinarians.


House painters




Recording Artists


Hospital jobs


Around 11 am, we started to get hungry. So we went to the Food Court to buy some food. While waiting for Momsweettezil to get our food, dinoShawn and I looked at the map of KidZania (they also provide the map of the entire city of KidZania) and discovered that there was another floor upstairs, called the mezzanine level. Once we discovered that level, we decided to try going upstairs as soon as we finished trying out the jobs downstairs. We had McDonalds meals for lunch, very yummy. dinoShawn got a Happy Meal, it had a little and adorable robot that talks back when it hears the sound of your voice! Cool!

Kids should be the one to fall in line, not their parents or guardians.


Having some fun!







The mezzanine level is just the same as the ground level, with more cooking jobs, the parent’s lounge (parents can rest here, charge their gadgets, and have coffee), and a part where toddlers can play. The breastfeeding area is also there. This part was also the last place we went to because KidZania was going to close shortly (they close at 4 pm). We made some egg sandwiches in the cooking school. We cracked open two hard boiled eggs, mashed them, mixed in some condensed milk and mayo, and spread them on sandwiches. When we got home, we ate them. They tasted pretty good! Now dinoShawn and I know a delicious recipe. Woo hoo!


Some more pics!!!


Next time, maybe on my birthday, we will go back to KidZania to earn more Kidzos and do the jobs we have not done. Going to KidZania will be a fun learning experience for everyone. A great summer activity, kids will love it here!

Picture Souvenir

Sofie Sunday

Sofie Sunday ~ Book Review: Complete Guide to Needlework!

Hi, everyone! Today’s post will be a book review. It has been a while since I have done book reviews so I am going to do it again! The book I will be reviewing is called Reader’s Digest: Complete Guide to Needlework. This book is very amazing. It has everything about needlework— Embroidery, Needlepoint, Knitting, Appliqué, Quilting, Patchwork, Macramé, Crochet, Rug-making, and Lacework. That’s a lot!


This book is a good find if you are interested in any of the kinds of needlework. I want to learn how to do embroidery and knitting, so it is a great read for me! The crochet part is also good. There are many pictures to explain how to do needlework, making it easy to understand. It also explains types of yarns and threads, plus different kinds of needles too! It also tells about some supplies that you may need in needlework (like hoops and frames in embroidery, or types of scissors needed for cutting fabric, yarn, and threads) and explains why it is needed. While reading this thick information-filled book I saw many patterns and designs in the pictures. The book even tells you how to choose colors for your projects!



Reader’s Digest: Complete Guide to Needlework


To those learning how to do needlework, you must get this book! It has everything you need know on the many subjects, all inside this heavy book. The words and pictures will guide you as you sew, tie, cut, knit, and crochet. Even though old (published in 1979!), a good buy for those who wish to learn and create great creations!

Well, thanks for reading this post! Complete Guide to Needlework is great information-filled that is a good read for those who want to learn. More posts coming up next time! Have a happy Sunday, everyone!

Sofie Sunday

Sofie Sunday ~ My Brand New Fidget Cube!

Hi, everyone! Today’s post will be about my new fidget cube. #Momsweettezil recently got me this interesting and fun cube, as sometimes I can be very fidgety. My cube is purple, and the things you can fidget with is black. Let’s have a look at the parts of this cool cube!


  1. Glide – This part is like a joystick (like the ones on gaming controllers) and it’s pretty fun to push. Rating is 4 stars.


  1. Click – This one is probably my favorite! There are three buttons that make a loud, satisfying noise when clicked. The other two are pretty much just some silent, mushy ones. I love clicking the ones that make noise, anyhow! But it can be too noisy sometimes and distract other people, yikes! I then have to use the other parts if that happens. But anyway, my rating is 5 stars.


  1. Breathe – This part is supposed to ‘mimic’ a worry stone (they are usually small, smooth, and colored stones that you rub with your thumb). However, I don’t use it much as it seems like I’m rubbing a table or something like that. This side is kinda boring and isn’t much. Rating is 1 star.


  1. Spin – This part is a dial that you can spin. It makes a not-so-loud clicking noise while you do so. Can be used as a circular fidget thing. Rating is 3 stars.


  1. Flip – This part is a small switch that you can flip up and down, just like a light switch. This side is fun and the clicking noises are good. Rating is 4 stars. Click, Click, Click!


  1. Roll – This part is the side with a ball that can be rolled freely (and when pressed it makes a loud clicking noise!) and three gears that look like a combination lock, and can be rolled. The ball is the best part of this side, it rolls really fast and the clicks are nice and loud! Rating is 4 stars.

And these are all the sides of my cool fidget cube. I hope you enjoyed it! Have a happy Sunday, everyone!

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Sofie Sunday ~ Adarna House Book Haul!

Hi, everyone! Today is another Sofie Sunday post. This time, it is about our new books freshly bought from Adarna House. Get ready to read!

We got them at World Trade Center, same time when we bought our new Big Bad Wolf books (if you haven’t read our amazing and wonderful experience at BBW, you may read it here!). Our new fresh-smelling Filipino books are nice! Homeschoolers studying Filipino language will want them. There are many vivid and colorful pictures with words of moral lessons. We got storybooks of Filipino legends and modern tales. Others are about History (about Jose Rizal and Andres Bonifacio, plus one about Jesus Christ). See for yourself:

Many wonderful books. Keep on reading!

The tales in each and every Adarna book always have something to tell. The pictures are detailed and beautiful, and each paragraph are overflowing with information and story. These books are great addition to our Homeschool library.

So there you have it! The Adarna book haul and my thoughts. Thanks for reading! Have a happy Sunday!

Homeschooling Sofie Sunday

Sofie Sunday: Big Bad Wolf ~ The World’s Biggest Book Sale (Part 1)!

Warning: This post contains a MASSIVE collection of books.


And you’re here again, Big Bad Wolf! Big Bad Wolf is the world’s biggest book sale, coming here in Manila (its second time!), with 2 million (yup, 2 MILLION, no kidding!) new books! BBW is bringing best sellers, classics, and more. So for today’s post, I’m going to tell you all about my family’s book shopping—along with some tips, thoughts, and pictures! Book lovers, get ready for this massive book segment!

BBW is open 24/7, and will be open until March 4, 2019. BBW is located at World Trade Center, Pasay City, Manila. Once you arrive, your bags will be checked by guards and dogs (for security purposes). World Trade Center is big! If you need to use the loo, don’t worry because there are several bathrooms inside and outside the BBW halls. Book Publishers like Adarna and Phoenix also have their own stalls (outside BBW) selling discounted books. This is a good opportunity for those who are homeschooling to buy their textbooks and storybooks!


The entrance of BBW can be easily seen as there are lots of banners and posters surrounding it. You can pose and take pictures there too!

  • Tip 1: Bring maletas (luggages) and eco bags—will be easier to carry your newly bought books this way.
  • Tip 2: Don’t bring water or food inside—okay, this is not exactly a tip, but more of a rule. You are not allowed to bring any liquids or food inside BBW. Period.
  • Tip 3: Be watchful of your belongings! You might lose them while you are busy book hunting.
  • Tip 4: Wear comfortable shoes and clothing.


Entering BBW is AMAZING. There are lots and lots of fresh smelling books everywhere, BBW banners above your head, red shopping carts (the handle has the words ‘Fill Your Need To Read’, very cool) here and there, and good music blasting through the speakers.  It’s like book heaven for book lovers!


There are many books of different genres—children’s, fiction, non-fiction, and more. The reference and work book sections are perfect for homeschoolers, BBW has a lot this year. Other genres are fashion, design, parenting, self-help, and more, there are just so many books!


There is also a special section that I really like, the craft and hobbies section. This section has lots of great books and kits! There are books on knitting, crochet, and sewing, which I’m sure yarn lovers will like, and origami, craft and card-making books! There’s also LOTS of coloring books.  Some of the coloring books are Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts themed. And this cute kitty one, awww!



I also got a sewing kit at the craft and hobbies section. It’s an owl stuffie you need to sew and make. It looks really cute! Will do a post on this in the future.


Also, if you get hungry, there are 24/7 food stalls just near the payment area. The food is local but good anyway. There are also tables where you can sit down and eat while relaxing your legs from walking.

So there you have it, my family’s experience at Big Bad Wolf! You must come back next year, BBW! Your books are amazing! Will make Part 2 soon, it will be our book haul. Have a happy Sunday, everyone!!!


Momsweettezil’s Postcript:

Watch out for the second part of our BBW Year 2 blog post! BBW Part 2 will contain my personal recount and review of our BBW experience. And of course, our ‘LOOT’!

For now, you still have ample time to head over World Trade Center! And hunt your own treasures!!