Sofie Sunday

Sofie Sunday ~ It’s Travel Time – Cebu City, a Cool Place! (Part 2)


Note: Here is the link for the first part of this post.

The plane ride didn’t take too long. We got off the plane safely. We rode a van and started to drive around Cebu City! We checked in to a hotel, and then started sightseeing. Yay! First stop, Magellan’s Cross…

A cross with an interesting origin…


After we saw the Magellan’s Cross, we started to get hungry. It was time for lunch! We ate at Salo Salo Sutukil restaurant.

I really liked the eatery’s choice décor, it was very ‘Pinoy’. The food was really yummy. A man played some music with a harp, he was pretty good! The view of the long river outside completed the scene.

After the meal, we went to an amazing park called, The Mactan Shrine. At this beautiful landmark, you can take pictures with the statues of Magellan and Lapu Lapu. Pretty flowers are everywhere to look at. There is also a tall Philippines flag standing nice and high, in the middle of the park. Take a look at our pictures:

Next stop: Sirao Garden! (To be Continued!)