Sofie Sunday

Sofie Sunday: Paint – it – yourself ~ Cartoon Girl

Hello, everyone! Today is a new Paint-it-yourself! I will be doing a cartoon girl this time. Enjoy!

Materials needed:

*Light orange paint (just mix some orange with white)

*Oslo/watercolor paper

*Black paint

*Paints of your choice (for dress, hair, and details)

*Red paint

*And last but not least, a paintbrush and some water to clean it



Step 1: Paint a big circle on the paper using light orange paint. Then paint two half circles for ears.



Step 2: Paint two black ovals for eyes.




Step 3: Add eyelashes if wanted.




Step 4: Paint a nose and a smiling mouth. Ta Da!



Step 5: Now for the hair. You can paint any color and in any style. I made a short cut and made the girl’s hair black.



Step 6: Paint a neck and the arms.



Step 7: Now for the dress. You can make dress whatever you want, just like the hair.



Step 8: Paint the legs!



Step 10: Add some shoes to the legs.



Step 11: Afterwards, you can add some things to the girl like jewerly, glasses, socks, etc.



Step 12: Sign it, if you want.




It’s done! Look’s good! I’ll be doing a cartoon boy next time. Bye!

Sofie Sunday

Sofie Sunday: Paint – it – yourself ~ Sunny Sunflower

Wow! It’s going to be the end of summer already! Before it ends, here is an easy painting to do! Time to take a look!


*Green, Black, Brown, and Yellow paint

*Oslo/Watercolor paper


*Yellow marker or crayon

Paint a big brown circle in the middle of the paper.

Paint yellow petals around the brown circle. You can use a yellow marker or crayon to draw petals then paint it yellow inside.

Draw a green stem with leaves. Add some grass to decorate the painting.

When the painting is dry, paint some black lines on the leaves.

Voila! Looks nice, right? Special thanks to my brother, #Dinoshawn, for painting with me. See you next week!

Sofie Sunday

Sofie Sunday: Paint-it-yourself ~ Easter Bunny!

Happy Easter! In honor of today, I will be showing you all how to paint this very adorable Easter Bunny! I’m also featuring my little brother, Shawn! Time to paint!


  • Blue paper
  • Oslo/Watercolor paper
  • Stick glue
  • Paint Brush
  • White, Pink, and Black paint (we used poster paint)

Step 1: Glue the Oslo/Watercolor paper to the back of the blue paper. This way the blue paper will not have a hole when you paint.




Step 2: Paint a big white circle in the middle of the paper. Add a neck at the bottom.




Step 3: Every bunny needs ears – paint two white bunny ears on top of the head.




Step 4: Now for the facial features! Paint two black dots for eyes, a pink dot in the center of the circle for a nose, and black whiskers on the sides of the face. Don’t forget to add the mouth!




Step 5: Inside of our bunny’s ears paint the inside pink. Just don’t paint the entire thing.




Step 6:  Ta- Da! It’s done!




Looks good, right? Hope you enjoyed this paint-it-yourself tutorial! See you next Sunday!