QT Corner

QT Corner (=^ ◡ ^=) Intro

Hi, my name is QT.

My Meowmy (Liz) and Hooman Sissy (Sofie), the owners/authors of this website thought it will be cool if I’ll be part of their online world.

I know, crazy hoomans  ^._.^

Don’t they know all I want to do is to eat and sleep?!

Anyway, Meowmy said I should not forget to mention KT, my predecessor here in my intro.

See, we look like twins! And yes, my name is derived from his name.

So more kitty stories next time, I don’t want Meowmy to get teary eyed! She’s always like that every time she remembers KT, her love (Yes, that’s how she calls him… KT, my love!)!

Finally, I can go back to my napping.. Purrrr…. Purrrr……