Fur Parenting

And I named her Pepita.

I have told myself a thousand times – no more rescuing stray kittens. I have gotten into trouble and broke my own heart many times in doing so.

But this helpless kitten was only 2 strides away from being hit by vehicles. And we (my daughter and I) just can’t leave this kitten in the main road. We just can’t, our hearts and consciences can’t.

I hope the free spaying and neutering in our City will soon be implemented so there will be no more unwanted kittens. It is just so heartbreaking.

And no, I will not lecture animal fanciers to ‘Adopt, Don’t Shop’, as I am a breed lover myself. But I am knocking on your hearts that perhaps you can have more space in your house, wallet (:p) and heart to save the lives of strays.

*The real hero here is my daughter, who did not have second thoughts of rescuing the kitten. She just convincingly told me, “Mom, we can foster it for the meantime.” Even my 10 year old daughter knows, it cannot survive on its own. I am just proud to be raising a human being, being human in the most sensible, deeper level.

And that’s what I told myself, we will foster. But then I named her Pepita.


P.S. Today we are celebrating International Cat Day!